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Comando Da Capital - Level 3 Application


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[Banner: Histria]

~[August 1992 -]~(#80002a) Carandiru Massacre: The rebellion began with a fight between prisoners from hall 09 of the "Anexo Taubat" prision. The intervention of the Military Police, led by Colonel Ubiratan Guimares, had as justification to calm the rebellion, but the orders of the colonel ended up promoting a true massacre. Survivors say the death toll is greater than reported and that police were firing on prisoners who surrendered or were hiding in their cells. None of the 68 police officers involved in the massacre were killed. More than one hundred prisoners were cruelly executed that day

~[October 1992 -]~(#80002a) Eight prisoners who survived the massacre of the Taubat prision founded the organization known as Comando da Capital, or only CDC. The Comando da Capital decided to combat oppression and abuses committed in Brazilian prison systems and avenge the death of the one hundred and eleven prisoners cruelly executed on the day of the massacre known as the "Carandiru massacre." The organization gained many members and spread throughout the country, including members "controlling" several state prisons.

~[February 2001 -]~(#80002a) CDC defied the government and promoted a rebellion in 24 prisons across the country. The order of the rebellion came from prisoners, members of the organization, located in the 08th hall of the country's main Detention House. On a Saturday morning, the members in other prisons received the order that the rebellion should begin. The rebellions began in a coordinated way among the 24 prisons at 12:00 on February 15, 2001.

~[May 2006 -]~(#80002a) CDC started acts of organized violence in Brazil in the night of May 12, the largest wave of violence against public security forces in Brazilian history. On the 14th, the attacks spread to other states in Brazil, such as Esprito Santo, Paran, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais and Bahia. The attacks had a huge impact on the Brazilian media.

Over time, the organization becomes a giant and has spread to other countries of the American continent, dominating most of South American countries. The organization began to use money from international drug and arms trafficking, as well as thefts and others illegal activities to finance its attacks on prisons and the war against state security forces.

~[CDC and the state of San Andreas -]~(#80002a) Many fugitive members (wanted in Brazil and the Mercosur countries) went up the continent to reach the North American continent, more precisely in Mexico, where they formed partnership with a Mexican Cartel who helped them in the crossing to the United States, more precisely, in San Andreas State. On January 6, 2016 was founded a branch of the organization in the city of Lost Santos, and not long after its formation, became the headquarters of the organization, because of the ease negotiation with other criminal organizations installed in the region.

~[Our goal:]~(#80002a) The goal is the liberation of prisioners and control of the prision system, with that comes our main problem, the war against the police. To ensure the success of our missions we need money, so we negotiate drugs and weapons, as well as commit other crimes such as robbery, kidnapping, vehicle cloning, etc.

~[Illegal narcotics:]~(#80002a) Our main source of income. Due to the informants we have within our organization, we are able to get our hands on huge shipments of narcotics. Our informants are active within the underground world and their job is to inform us when there is a load about to be moved. We interrupt these load and we sell these narcotics to local drug dealers in Las Colinas for a fair price. Due to the low price we offer it sells fast, dealers feel confident that they're making good profit, it basically benefits both sides.

~[Arms trafficking:]~(#80002a) Another good source of money. We buy weapons from big suppliers and sell them for profit. Buying armaments in large quantities, we were able to sell to criminals on the streets for better prices than if they were bought in the ammunition store.

~[Vehicle theft & assembly:]~(#80002a) Our men are specialized in vehicle theft and vehicle modification, it's one of the things we do for a living. We divide our specialists in 2 categories, carjackers & mechanics. Our carjackers move out, seek for rare vehicle items, and take to our garage where we have our employed mechanics who assembles the vehicles and makes it legit by modifying its chassis or product number.

~[Gang Informations:]~(#80002a)

Date founded:1gen- March 2012, 2gen January 06, 2016
Gang Level: 2
Current gang money: $110,000,000
Gang color: ~[#80002a]~(#800029,#800029,#800029,#800029)
Tags: [CDC]Name|Rank - Member / [CDC]Name* - Probationary
Our Motto: Peace, Justice and Freedom!
Gang Panel: Comando_da_Capital
Leader and Vice Leader: @BaNdiToBill , @-Julio
HQ Team: @Valentino @cenadoloko @VinnyBL ,
Alliance : @CripZ <3
Media Archive: Click Here
Comando Da Capital: Click Here
Discord: Click Here

[Member List]


  • Leader <L>

    • ~[BaNdiToBill]~(green)

  • Vice leader <vL>

    • ~[Julio]~(green)

  • Founders <F>

    • ~[BaNdiToBill]~(green)

    • ~[Valentino]~(green)

    • ~[Voraz]~(green)

    • ~[Julio]~(green)

  • General Managers <HQ>

  • Respected <R>

    • ~[Esco]~(green)

    • ~[Filt]~(green)

    • ~[Shaphar]~(green)

    • ~[Vinny]~(green)

    • ~[Lean]~(red)

    • ~[Zombra]~(red)

    • ~[Pitoco]~(red)

    • ~[Killer]~(red)

  • Drug Dealers Chiefs <DDC>

    • ~[El.Punholoko]~(green)

    • ~[Underpants]~(green)

    • ~[BoBMarley]~(green)

    • ~[SweeT]~(green)

    • ~[Evans]~(red)

    • ~[Sanguefrio]~(green)

    • ~[Obama]~(red)

  • Drug Dealers <DD>

    • ~[SniPer]~(green)

    • ~[NoobPRO]~(green)

    • ~[50Cent]~(red)

    • ~[Evans]~(red)

    • ~[Drogado]~(red)

    • ~[MagiicWeeD]~(red)

    • ~[MRTUGA]~(red)

    • ~[Hygor]~(red)

  • Robbers <RB>

    • ~[Pepao]~(green)

    • ~[Ghassen]~(green)

    • ~[Brazzzza]~(green)

    • ~[Sako]~(green)

    • ~[Wassin]~(green)

    • ~[Meet]~(green)

    • ~[Brika]~(green)

    • ~[Bernardo]~(red)

    • ~[Neurotico]~(red)

    • ~[SrScouty]~(red)

    • ~[Alexandre]~(red)

    • ~[Catra]~(red)

    • ~[Tonny]~(red)

    • ~[Gringo]~(red)

  • Messengers <M>

    • ~[Garinich]~(green)

    • ~[Keo]~(green)

    • ~[Intelecto]~(red)

    • ~[FM]~(red)

    • ~[GuiSouza]~(red)

    • ~[Dark]~(red)

    • ~[Dexer]~(red)

    • ~[WePS_]~(red)

    • ~[Enigma]~(red)


  • [CDC]name*

^[~[Comando da Capital - Ranks System]~(#80002a)]

  • Rank 7:
    Leader - The Headmaster. Working as democratic and always with the objective to improve the gang and the roster, looking for new solutions and improvements. Always friendly, never favoring other more members, acting naturally during a problem to find a solution.

  • Rank 6:

    Vice Leader - The second in command, he is the leader's most trusted man. The VL job is to help managers with any internal problem. Its the duty of the vice to be the leader's counselor.

  • Rank 5:

    Managers (Head of HQ)- The job of the managers is to keep the gang in order by solving internal and external problems. The Manager also takes care of recruiting with the HQ team, always listening to his informants. HQs relates directly to the treasurer/accountant to deal with financial matters and about CDC's properties.
    Respected Old School - They are those who throughout our career have dedicated themselves to the maximum in the organization, perhaps for external reasons they are no longer present but they are worthy of this rank

  • Rank 4: HQ's ( Sub-Manager): This position Inside our organization, perhaps the most difficult to deal with because it involves a lot of experience with solutions to friction or conflicts.
    He is responsible for managing our entire organization, recruiting and maintaining the order and organization within our family. Working together with all the other members.
    Treasure - Responsible for the organization's finances. Providing the necessary money for contracts and actions as well as having control of our properties and passing on information to superiors

  • Rank 3:
    Drugs Dealers Chief - This member, as the name says, are the managers of the gang's drug dealer groups. They keep the money coming in for the gang's projects.
    Informant - this post is responsible for working together with the HQs in the recruitment area, keeping an eye on players inside and outside the gang
    Media Manager :Responsible for organizing and posting activities in our media archive, guiding our members and thus showing our activity

  • Rank 2:(RP)
    Drugs Dealer - This member, who has gone through thief, and received the concept of drug dealer, is responsible for passing the drugs to buyers and if the police came, would have to go quickly, with all the goods and money, this guy is also known as steam, you have to really evaporate as the police arrive.
    Delivery Dealer - Responsible for conducting possible non-legal matters in distant locations

  • Rank 1:(RP)
    Robber - This member received the concept of the robber, responsible for get the money through the carjackings, homes and civilians on the street.
    Watcher:Always with a radio in hand, responsible for passing on information about possible robberies or attacks

  • Rank 0: (RP)
    Messenger - This is the new member in the gang, every member goes through this rank, he will be trained and will learn how to behave within the group. After he go through the learning period, the messenger will be promoted to Robber.


alt text

  • Comando da Capital Base - This is our base where we gather to meet and decide plans, among of all the gang. This place is also used to resolve issues involving money.

  • CDC Meeting Restaurant - This is a private restaurant, which is under ownership of the gang, here members can meet to snack and discuss personal interests.

  • CDC Shop - This site which is now possessed by the CDC Gang, was founded by a guy old, who after losing money on sales entered the criminal side and earned enough money.Currently it is used by members to purchase new clothes and disguises.

  • CDC Drugs Den - Currently, our primary means of drug trade this in the city of Los Santos, but do drug sales in other cities also. This site is used for the illegal trade in the city of San Fierro, where the seller meets the buyer for the sale to be made.

  • CDC Drugs Deposit 1 - This is a major drug hiding places where we store the drugs already produced and ready for sale.

  • CDC Drugs Deposit 2 - This is the second most important site for the storage of drugs, is next to the main.

  • CDC HQ - This is a place holder for gang leaders to discuss improvements to the gang, and punishments for members who commit failures. This is Also a local reservation if the police discover our base in los santos, we already have an idea to move to Las Venturas.

  • CDC Wharehouse - This is the special warehouse of the gang, where we store parts of cars, drugs and all available product for the usefulness of the gang.

[Banner Regras]

  • Follow all F1 rules

  • Respect all admins

  • Never kill without reason

  • Never avoid

  • Respect your gang brothers

  • Respect other players

  • Never spawn as a cop to arrest in any bank rob

  • If you have spawned as a cop, don't arrest your gang brothers or our allies

  • Never let your brother back to be arrested, be arrested along with him

  • Constantly look at the map\chat, stay ready to help a brother in trouble

  • If you do a sequence of frags against cops, avoid provoking them, making jokes,etc.

  • Ignore provocations

  • Be mature

alt text
Which languages can you speak:
Indicate your skills in each language [1-10]
In-game playtime hours (hold TAB):
Have you been kicked/banned from SAES before? If yes, reasons?:
Previous G/S/C?:
Why did you leave or got kicked from the G/S/C Above?:
You are good at:
You are bad at:


Explain in a few words. What means Role Play for you:
Describe CDC's roleplay role in your own words:


Did you read the rules of F1?:
What does "avoiding arrest" mean?:
What does "Death-Matching" mean?:
Tell us three General Rules (F1) rules:
Tell us three Turf War rules:
Tell us three Bank Rob rules:
Tell us three Store Rob rules:


Why did you choose CDC among all the gangs?:
Why should we accept you, how could you benefit us?:
Did any CDC member suggest that you should apply? If yes, Who?:
Have you had the chance to hang around with CDC member? if so, who?:

General recruitment standards (requirements)
Mature attitude & behavior

You must be 15 years old, if not older

Understandable English

Must be aware of the server rules and obey them at all times

Some experience


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RP @VinnyBL @jubileu @Halo @SAFP-Stone @Lescano
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we were going to my mexican products store, where we sell spices and other products imported from mexico, i use part of the deposit in this place to store drugs, weapons and ammunition, the store is in our neighborhood and the neighbors say nothing, and a mystery that SAFP has discovered this operation

We got informed that there's a deal happening between 2 gangs and that it will be done at a gas station at Bone County, We informed all units to be prepared and we drove with our cars to the gas station, We was waiting there for the gangs to come and then we will start arresting them, We saw them coming and we noticed that they are too many, We prepared our weapons, After they came and parked their cars, We drove our vehicle and we surronuded them with our cars, We started aiming at them with the M4 and then they give up, They raised their hands up and then we handcuffed them, They got on the ground and then we checked their truck, We found that they have a bunch of big weapons crate, They have many pieces of AK-47 and shotguns and many pistols, We got them in the car and then we got their truck, We went with the gang and the truck to our department, We put them in the cell and then we parked their truck in our garage, And then we started guarding them.
Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/8hXyKJ0

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