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Chili Dog Vendor



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This idea hit on my mind when I saw these chili dogs stalls. It would be nice to have an NPC ped selling different cheap street foods (the ones we can buy from the Pizza Boy spawned players) behind the stall. The price of those foods should be very low just like the food shops (Cluckin's Bell, Well Stacked Pizza, Burger Shot etc). When we go near the ped, one menu interface will pop up just like other selling NPCs/Vending machines (with a close button too of course) ; and we can buy street foods to gain some health. Also after we click on the food we want to buy, there can be an eating anim just before we gain health and lose money. The model of the ped can be 168 (bmochil) as it's the original chili dog vendor ped model from GTA SA.

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