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^[RP Story about San Fierro Building]

^[I don't know if I told you but I moved from Los Santos to San Fierro. Reason? Because San Fierro is back alive, but let's get back on the Construction.]
^[I found my old blueprint in my briefcase, opened it and saw the San Fierro empty building. Why empty? Because it was planned to be at first Flats for Immigrants from Cuba but we didn't get the confirmation from the City and couldn't end the Project. After all those confirmations, they told us to make it like City Mall full of Markets. So, I left it empty and the next Architect should decide what is it going to be. It depends on the current situation. It took me like 1 month to draw the blueprint and 3 Months Full-Time for the building in real life. Lets start from the entrance, as you saw (can see) its a bit away from the SF Ground so I had to build small bridge. It was full of cement and fences from the sides because of safety. You can walk and drive on the bridge. I had to close the bridge because it isnt done yet. The building itself is built with hard walls, so it can keep the whole construction strong. The Front side or the entrance is full of windows as you can see and rest is with same walls. From both left and right side if you see the building from the front, you can see both sides are with some creative walls and Platform. The whole building is with 4 steel bars (blue-white Pilar) stronger. Back-side is same as front its full of windows with hard walls to keep the windows strong with perfect sea view. The roof is some special made, its built with windows and same walls as the whole building. I would use this Empty building for City Mall, because it will increase the number of citizens. Going to be like 3 floors with different markets inside. Outside is going to be parking place for around 30 cars, it going to be with roof or maybe underground Parking place.]

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