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ZIP - Cheess' Portfolio


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@Cheess said in ZIP - Cheess' Portfolio:


alt text

#Construction_number: 13
Number of objects: 290
Link to the code pastbin (in case of sharing): https://pastebin.com/Uf4pFtZm
Link to the Album: https://imgur.com/a/QKfMmg2

RP story:

This megastructure, as 'Worker Cheess' stated, have been totally renovated by governments order! Read more..

This goes about renovating a bridge between Tierra Robada and Bone County. The local Mayor did make a statement to the nationwide government last winter because he was in the need of money to renovate this important transport route from Bayside to Las Venturas North.
So, this summer it was finally there! The bridge was undergoing a big renovation for at least a month. The renovation is done already, but it isn't officially opened yet by mayor Tenry. But you will find out in this newspaper soon!

Our interviewer have spoken to a local worker which worked on that bridge.
Interviewer: "So, mister....? You worked on this bridge?"
Cheess: "... the name is Cheess. I worked on this bridge yea."
I : "And how did it go?? Tell us more..."
C : Well, I am Cheess, a worker around here. I'm an old worker. So I do not work that fast. I actually built this bridge when it was new. But that was last decade.
I : Oh okey Mister Cheess, thanks for the info. But the renovation, how did that go?
C : Well, it was a though job to renovate this bridge because it size was enormous. We had to bring lots of extra steel and we used lots more of scaffolds then normally.

The asphalt has been renewed either and also some extra steel has been added to the bridge. "This bridge gets much used by local truckers, because this bridge is a shortcut from Tierra Robada and Bone County and Las Venturas. The Southern highway is pretty busy, so much truckers and also farmers use this bridge a lot", Mayer Tenry said.

The local township still considers to make this a toll bridge. But they won't do it as long it doesn't get that busy there. More news about this comming soon!!....

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