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[SUGGESTION] Nuclear Power Plant "NPP"



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Greetings everyone, as we can all see the issue that the server is facing now, huge difference between the number of criminals and cops players. Recently we've been discussing about suggesting an event where criminals respond to it but not the other way around as we all used to.

I came up with an idea that will fulfill that; however, it is kind of hard to get something realistic enough where criminals have to respond (RP logic) so the event will begin with few simple actions that criminals will do. I will try to make simple and clear. If this got accepted, developers for sure will change some ideas according to the scripting so it can not be complicated. I just want you to get the all in all idea, because we will discuss below your ideas to improve this event and maybe make it balanced if not.


There would be 3 cyber locations in San Andreas. Criminals have to get there and hack (we assume they got the launch codes) the NPP system, activating 1/3 of the nuclear missiles, until it is 3/3. Cops at the mean time will not interfere in anything regarding the hacking nor receiving notifications about it until it is 3/3.
Developers can make some sort of cracking system or a marker that you must stay inside for a certain amount of time, to these locations, besides some simple mapping including devices etc.


When cops receive the alert of nuclear missiles activation, they got certain amount of time(like 15 mins) otherwise mission will be failed for cops and criminals will collect their money from cyber locations. They will respond to the NPP facility, maybe we can add there also some mapping which makes it like real nuclear power plant. Now, cops arrive inside and head to the control room (big one with 8 devices f.e.), only official squads can start resetting the codes on these devices before time is up. While those engineers (official squad members) are trying to regain control of the system (maybe also a cracking system for them or smth similar), there would be a fight inside the facility between both sides, criminals and cops.


I suggest to add different doors for both sides like for criminals main/public door and for cops a back/side door. Also this event will require a skilled mapper(s) to manage things equally. Also suggesting a well defending control room and short path for cops to control room.
NOTE: Criminals can not enter the facility until 5 squad members are inside f.e. to avoid control room camping.

To summarize,
Cops role is to respond to NPP facility whenever they get the notification that the nuclear missiles are set to launch (3/3). Engineers/Intelligence units (official squads) should start resetting while others defend.

Criminals role is to activate nuclear missiles and then head to the facility to stop the engineers and maybe take control of the control room until time is done and they succeed.

If you guys got any ideas for modifications or suggestions for this please post them. Maybe you can suggest whole new roles or event sequence. Maybe cyber locations are not needed and you got other ideas.
I know that my idea might be a bit long and simple but that's what I came up with lately.

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