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Is this fair?


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So I asked on the server discord how to open a phone because I found one last month and nanobob started talking about laws and etc.. All what I said Check screenshot


Do you think it's fair?
And now he banned me from the discord server
Tbh he is acting like a kid I'm a new player I don't even know too much about the server but I just asked about a thing and got muted for 1day and then banned for calling him a kid because for real he's acting like a kid
That's unfair but I really don't care I've seen topic before this one a guy got mute for 7days because he said only one word in the mainchat not in English.
Aight I'm leaving this server. And nanobob I don't really give a fuck about you I don't even know you so better don't fuck with me.
You don't even know me.
If you n't know me don't fuck ```
with me like that

I had good times in the server with all of these people who helped me @Yoko_Kurama @Pazoo @Garcia1999 @Filex @Julio @Velona sry if I forgot any one

Take care of yourself guys love ya...

And btw the ban or mute was not fair u can talk like a guy nanobob but don't be acting like a kid ur calling me a kid but you are the kid tbh
BTW I've seen a picture from ur cancer face
There is a big bettwen than me and you look how I look and look how u like you ugly ass.
Sorry for taging you HQ team I'm sorry.

And I'm sorry if I did something wrong to any one.

But if u really calling me a kid imma come to u when u want and tell me that I'm a kid I'm at Amsterdam Friday.

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@Ferthis I don't threat anyone but he started this shit and if yall think it's a game and you can insult me behind ur laptop you're doing a big wrong also he's living in Netherlands so only 30mins

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First Of all he didn't ban u for Telling him a kid , he banned u for being Rude at players In discord and u Insulted The Head Quarter of SAES Nanobob as Kid so You got what you deserve Also u said it's unfair but it's actually Fair , ah btw you think that you're king in SAES and you're best because The peoples that u mentioned helped you , nn you're not the best and none is the best you're bust being rude , Cunt , Idiot and autistic so can you Fuck off .

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First of all claims that I sent dick pics to his girlfriend then starts sending dick pics with Liyo's face in it or whatever then he starts being a retard and gets banned over it then starts crying.

Oh btw your mom says Hi

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@ChasinTLSN tbh im from a big family so I don't care what people say but nanobob fucked it up so it won't end good for him trust me and btw @NanoBob take Screenshot and run to mama and papa or the cops

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