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Garry's mod night! (6.6.2020)


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Last time was a blast, but we had some problems, which we've fixed now! (Such as the server not having a password, and more admins on the server)

Date: 6.6.2020
Time: 19:00 Server time. (should be easier for more people to join)
Server information:

IP: (steam.bastage.net)
Port: 27016

Type in console: password SAES

Direct Connect: steam://connect/

Be sure to download our workshop collection before the GMod night!

Also join our discord as it'll be our main way of using voice chat!

Download counter strike source, or you will be missing a lot of objects!

Hopefully Nanobob won't backstab me this time.

EDIT: Fixed dates.

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Starting in 30 minutes. If you do not have the CSS Texture pack, please don't join. You'll be missing a lot of textures!

Or download the files from here:


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