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[ClockCo] - New Cracking Pad


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Basically I've been working on a new cracking pad for the last couple of days and i like to share the result with you guys

What is a cracking pad?
Its a simulation for the cracking system gang members use in BRs and a way to practice for that.

What is new since nanopad exists?
What i bring new here is A "BR Mode" which is a simulation to a solo cracking in a bank robbery which helps you to know how far you can go


Any feedback will be appreciated since the project is still under-dev

^[alt text]

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I'm happy to announce the launch of our cracking pad v1, after the success of the beta which came to test the popularity around, the new pad has a more refreshing design and a faster performance due to the technologies it's build with, small changes will come to assets (pics of solo mode) rest is fine so far.
You can find the website on the classic link: https://crack.clockcorp.com/
report any issues here https://github.com/FilexGH/CC-Cracking-Pad/issues

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