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{SUGGESTION} Armored Truck Delivery



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Idea taken from this old poll, I figured we could revamp it; https://saesrpg.uk/topic/12891/script-suggestion-money-van-transport?_=1589199376682

I've been pondering this suggestion for a while, and I feel as if it could not only give the policing side a new event to do but also the criminal side;

Vehicles Involved; Securicar
Requirements; A minimum of 2 Official Squad officers or 2 ProCop Spawned Officers, or a mix of both.
Reward; Monetary (a few thousand dollars, more than the VIP but not too crazy)
Downside; Gang members can steal/destroy it

So, it would be another hectic day in San Andreas when a certain location (4 Dragons Casino for example) would request an Armored Truck delivery of cash for their business


A Securicar would be loaded and prepped with money at an undisclosed location, only visible to Official Squads and the Police team. Let's use this loading dock as a spawn example;


Now, the Police team can arrive and secure the location but they can NOT start the delivery. A yellow marker would be around the car to indicate the event start - and the truck will only be able to move if two members of an official squad are inside the truck, one in the drivers seat and the other in the passengers seat. ProCop Officers can also arrive and count towards the start of the delivery, so not only do squads have to be there - PC Spawns can start it as well.

Once the vehicle starts, a message would go out to both police/squad and criminal/gang teams saying something on the lines of ~["Police are transporting highly valuable cargo, defend and escort it for a reward" for police,]~(navy) and
~["Police are transporting highly valuable cargo, destroy the truck and steal the cargo for a reward" for criminals]~(red)

Once the vehicle is on the move, a small truck icon would appear on the map (similar to the VIPs yellow triangle), visible to all police/criminal team. Gang members have the option to destroy the securicar and cause it to break down, similar to how in GTA V you can blow the rear of Gruppe6 vehicles and grab the cash.

Once the vehicle breaks down, a new mission starts! Police would have to defend the area from criminals - while the criminals mission is to get in and steal the cash, similar to a "King of the Hill" event/store rob.

Once it explodes and gets to this new mission, a new marker would go out to police/criminal teams stating;
~["The Armored Truck has broken down, secure the area from criminals and protect the cargo" - Police]~(navy)
~["The Armored Truck has broken down, remove any police resistance and hijack the cargo" - Criminals]~(red)

When the vehicle breaks down, it wouldn't explode but yet become glued to its current location as the back doors fall off, revealing a small marker at the rear that criminals have to secure for a set time in order to get the cash - while police have to defend it for a set time to secure the cash.

~[If the criminals secure the marker]~(red) - they get a set amount of money and a bit of a wanted level
~[If the police secure the marker]~(navy) - they get a set amount of money

Instead of the criminals destroying the truck, they would have the option to hijack it like any other unlocked vehicle. Once they get possession of the vehicle, a new destination marker would appear (again, like the VIP), and they have to transport the truck to the destination for a larger reward than just destroying the truck would yield. And for fun, the police can hijack the truck back and get the truck secured at the original destination.

Police; Transport to LS Bank, SF Bank, LV Bank, BC Bank, TR Bank (pretty much all the banks), 4 Dragons Casino, and SF Casino if they have one, and various small businesses and gas station convenience stores for realism.

Criminals; Transport to the SF or LS Docks, BC Airport, LV Airport and various businesses or store-rob locations. Anywhere a criminal could get the cash quickly secured and/or out of the country.


The spawn location and the destination location will be randomized, and can ONLY be delivered to that one destination - instead of how the VIP you have multiple locations to deliver it to. The same goes with if criminals hijack the truck, the gang can only transport the truck to the randomly generated destination.

For the criminal side of this entire ordeal, only official gang members would be able to operate the truck in order to prevent abuse by the average criminal. This could change depending on public opinion.

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Yeah I can't figure out the reason for why it won't show the flat image itself as I don't prefer this forum settings setup. But the general idea is still present with the images just as example locations.

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