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Texas Rangers | Level 2 Application


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^[~[NOTE:]~(red) Please don't post under this thread, that's strictly forbidden. ]

Requirements before posting your application: COMPLETED.
Must have an active management team (HQ) to represent the gang. ~[]~(green)
Must have 10 active members (including Leader and Vice-leader). ~[]~(green)
Must be active on the server for at least 3 months. ~[]~(green)
Must have a squad motto that represents the squad in 1 line only. ~[]~(green)
Must have a rank structure within the member list of the squad topic. ~[]~(green)
Must have a updated media archive with every role play, event, special action all recorded and posted. ~[]~(green)
Must have a clear application progress on how to join the squad. If you choose to close your recruitment, you must still show applicants a clear way they can still join. ~[]~(green)
Must have a squad logo and a colour that represents the squad (if a colour is used already it cannot be used again, try to distinguish yourself from the other active colours used). ~[]~(green)
Must have at least $20.000.000 stored in /squad ~[]~(green)
Must be prepared to pay $10.000.000 as level acceptance. ~[]~(green)

^[alt text]

^[~[If you want to know something more about us, or having some more questions, feel free to join our discord channel. ]~(gray)]
^[~[Click on image below "Texas Rangers Discord" ]~(gray)]

^[alt text]



alt text
Date of foundation: 26th February 2020.
Squad Founder: Laza
Squad Name: Texas Rangers Force
Squad Motto: One Riot, One Ranger
Squad Panel: Texas_Rangers
Squad Level: 1.
Squad Tag: [TRF]Name & [TRF*]Name
Squad Color: #a6a1fd
Squad Balance: Classified.
Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/2RwZzqR
Recruitment Status: OPEN

alt text

The Texas Ranger Division, commonly called the Texas Rangers is a U.S. statewide investigative law enforcement agency with statewide jurisdiction in Texas, based in the capital city of Austin. Over the years, the Texas Rangers have investigated crimes ranging from murder to political corruption, acted in riot control and as detectives, protected the governor of Texas, tracked down fugitives, and functioned as a paramilitary force at the service.

The Texas Rangers have morphed since their formation by Stephen F. Austin in 1993. They began as a small group who came together to protect their fellow colonists. Todays Texas Rangers are a respected law enforcement unit that leads criminal investigations in major crimes, unsolved crimes, serial crimes, public corruption, officer-involved shootings, and border security. As it passed years and years and the Texas Rangers formed a new unit, therefor now is under the leadership Sheriff Laza.

The Rangers have several specialized teams and units to deal with specific situations that come up in criminal investigations. This is an elite group of law enforcement personnel. The Texas Rangers Force is the special unit of the San Andreas Police Department and is considered to be among the best of such units in the world based on countries, cities and all the doubts happend there. They have a formidable reputation in counter terrorism, counter insurgency and hostage rescue and any imminent threat.

alt text

The primary function of the Texas Rangers is investigating crimes. All Rangers are involved in criminal investigation, no matter how high they climb in the hierarchy. The Rangers' duties can include more cerebral crimes as well, such as forgery or bank fraud/roberry, or misconduct on the part of public officials and threats made against them.They investigate various types of crimes that are entrusted to the Texas Rangers, because outside these specialties know virtually no limit.

They involve violent crimes against persons such as murder and sexual assault or crimes related to property like theft and burglary. Rangers also deal with missing persons cases and abductions. Rangers appear when you least hope, and if they are unable to solve the problem with words, the necessary force will be used.

The Rangers are constantly working alongside the intelligence services and other specialist teams in order to keep on top of any threat to national security, ensuring that they are ready to respond to any imminent threat within SA. One of our main specialization is to recognize the dealers and the criminals by observing them for some unknown period.

alt text
These are official squad rules which you are supposed to follow at all times, breaking any of them might result in a removal.

  • Always follow the server rules and laws listed in F1.

  • Arresting players under 5+ stars is forbidden. Exceptions can be made under special circumstances.

  • Work as a team and respect each other, flaming won't be tolerated.

  • Always use and apply common sense, arguably the most important rule.

  • Members are required to wear squad tags at all times.

  • Having squad roleplay binds bound is an obligation.

  • If you receive 3+ warning level, you will be immediately removed.

  • Respect higher-ranked, server administrators, staff and regular players.

  • Always try to speak English, especially in squad chat and the main chat.

alt text

The Sheriff - ~[(Level 10)]~(gray)

A sheriff is usually a countys highest, usually elected, law-enforcement officer.

Deputy Sheriff - ~[(Level 9)]~(gray)

The Deputy Sheriff is the highest-ranking appointment law-enforcement officer. He reports directly to the sheriff and oversees the departments overall operations. He may also directly supervise personnel.

Assistant Deputy Sheriff - ~[(Level 8)]~(gray)

Your responsibility is to help Assistant Sheriff with the overall operations of the department and supervise the staff and to report directly to him. He is actually the right hand of Deputy Sheriff, and their roles are similiar.

Colonel - ~[(Level 7)]~(gray)

Colonels oversee several divisions, which are each headed by a major. A sheriffs department may have several colonels, depending on the number of divisions they have. They also participates in a discussion with the top three.

Major - ~[(Level 6)]~(gray)

Majors ful-fill many of the same job duties as colonels. In sheriffs departments that do not have colonels, the rank of major is the highest rank beneath sheriff and deputy sheriff.

Captain - ~[(Level 5)]~(gray)

This is a difficult rank to obtain and is given to those who are trusted, loyal and well respected within the team. Players who hold this rank have most likely been in the team for well over several months.

Master Investigator - ~[(Level 4)]~(gray)

Investigators have a wide range of duties, but their responsibilities revolve around finding and seeking justice against criminals. At the scene of the crime, investigators collect evidence, interview witnesses or suspects and write reports on their findings. If police cant make an immediate arrest, investigators track and watch suspects for unusual or incriminating behavior. At the time of arrest, investigators participate in raids or roundups.

Lieutenant - ~[(Level 3)]~(gray)

The rank of lieutenant is the first senior officer promotion available to you. The promotion comes with increased responsibilities. Youll supervise personnel with lesser ranks, such as sergeants and deputies. You may be responsible for a specific group of deputies. You report to the captain of your division.

Sergeant - ~[(Level 2)]~(gray)

The first major promotion available to you in a sheriffs department is the rank of Sergeant. As a sergeant, you can supervise corporals and deputies. You may also play a role in their training. To earn this rank, you have to show good leadership ability and prove that you have strong communication skills.

Corporal - ~[(Level 1)]~(gray)

The rank of Corporal is the first promotion available to you after joining a sheriffs department as a deputy. This rank shows your experience. As a corporal, youll have some authority over the deputies in the department, though this authority often does not include a supervisory role.

Deputy - ~[(Level 0)]~(gray)

Many people begin their careers with a sheriffs department with the rank of deputy or officer. You earn this rank after completing initial training. Youll likely be assigned general duties, such as patrolling streets and highways.

alt text


This is official roster of Texas Rangers, it is getting updated once the changes are done within squad.

~[]~(lime) - Fully active
~[]~(orange) - Semi active
~[]~(red) - Inactive

Members count: 24.
ProCop Members: 10.


The Sheriff (HQ) - ~[(Level 10)]~(gray)
~[]~(lime) @Laza ~[(l4ki1)]~(gray) [PC]


Deputy Sheriff (HQ) - ~[(Level 9)]~(gray)
~[]~(lime) @Bozi ~[(dembo)]~(gray)


Assistant Deputy Sheriff (HQ) - ~[(Level 8)]~(gray)
~[]~(lime) @Flippy10 ~[(flippy10)]~(gray) [PC]


Colonel (HQ) - ~[(Level 7)]~(gray)
~[]~(lime) @Bones ~[(barryb)]~(gray) [PC]


Major (subHQ) - ~[(Level 6)]~(gray)
~[]~(lime) @Sanfara ~[(midoprock)]~(gray)
~[]~(lime) @Shah ~[(shahchaki)]~(gray) [PC]


Captain - ~[(Level 5)]~(gray)
~[]~(orange) @lil_borivoje ~[(kurcina21)]~(gray) Honorary HQ
~[]~(orange) @Victor ~[(restinpeperoni)]~(gray) Honorary HQ


Master Investigator - ~[(Level 4)]~(gray)
~[]~(lime) @Damcek ~[(dovahkiin23)]~(gray) [PC]
~[]~(lime) @Ocelot ~[(ocelot)]~(gray)
~[]~(lime) @Kilios ~[(lion1221)]~(gray)


Lieutenant - ~[(Level 3)]~(gray)
~[]~(lime) @eagle_ ~[(thepharaoh)]~(gray)
~[]~(lime) @TheHaze ~[(strong1)]~(gray)


Sergeant - ~[(Level 2)]~(gray)
~[]~(orange) @dushen417 ~[(nishthegamer)]~(gray) [PC]
~[]~(lime) @CroSenki ~[(crosenki)]~(gray)


Corporal - ~[(Level 1)]~(gray)
~[]~(orange) @Larsone ~[(larsone)]~(gray)
~[]~(orange) @Ricardo ~[(ricardobbj)]~(gray) [PC]
~[]~(lime) @marepn92 ~[(marepn92)]~(gray)
~[]~(lime) @Marwane ~[(mar1g)]~(gray)


Deputy - ~[(Level 0)]~(gray)
~[]~(lime) @SideSwipe ~[(hoangtien)]~(gray)
~[]~(lime) @Tarber ~[(tarber)]~(gray) [PC]
~[]~(lime) @FTH ~[(fatihgo)]~(gray) [PC]
~[]~(lime) @LordM ~[(lourdmrad)]~(gray)
~[]~(lime) @BrianL ~[(clubmimo123)]~(gray) [PC]


alt text
~[Squad base located in Bone County near the Fort Carson Gas Station.]~(#654db3,black)

alt text

alt text

Being loyal and completely honest towards us, means much more than anything. Provide us with the facts and the truth. Were not interested in fiction. We dont care whether youre 10 years old or 18 years old, we dont discriminate. The same applies to strengths and weaknesses, be truthful. If you have a weakness, make a note of it on your application. Acknowledge it and use it to improve yourself. If you are found to be lying (we do investigate) or your application shows a lack of any effort, you will be denied without consideration.


**Other languages:**
**Tell us a little bit about yourself:**

**How long have you been playing on SAES:RPG?**
**Please list your current group memberships on the server:**
**Please list your previous squad/gang history(state the reasons):**
**Have you joined our discord server:**
**Have you ever been punished on the server?:**

**Why do you want to join Texas Rangers:**
**What do you offer towards the squad:**
**Do you have a solid understanding of the server rules and laws?**

If you want to reach our media archive and discord, click on the designed text under logo, and it will open directly for you.

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