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Gangwars Elimination Round!


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We didn't expect these many gangs to accept the challenge and join in. Moreover, this also made us to take hard decisions on the procedure of the tournament.

We are so honored to present you our participants of the event of the year:

alt text

We have seven Level 5 gangs who accepted our invitation and 4 gangs below level 2 which registered and promising to bring the best competition we can ever see.

alt text

Before starting with the other topics we owe an apology to 3 gangs because of the disrespect towards them in our past events. Dear, @Black-Bullets @Underground-Empire and @CripZ we are sorry for the troubles and disadvantages caused to you during the matches and outside the events. You have always been important participant for us and as a Lounge it is not our aim to make use of your reputation.

Sorry once more and hope our relations will be much more stronger than it used to be.

alt text

Alright, as previously mentioned it will be Double-Elimination. Which means even if you lose you get another chance to compete with Losers and go to the Finals.

Unfortunately, we couldn't make live drafts because of the changes to the tournament structure caused due to amount of participants in the event. However, we came with the best solution and hopefully this will be interesting for all of you. Here is the table and tournament structure as illustrated:

alt text

alt text

That's right, before the competition starts 4 gangs that registered will have to compete in an Elimination phase to decide which of them will join the main competition.

As you can see from the table above, the winner of these 4 gangs will compete with FOX directly after then come out of the Elimination Phase.

alt text


The matches are already announced and you can bet now, just click on this link and see which matches are there!

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