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GangWars 2020 Registrations!


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Ladies, gentlemen, and special snowflakes of SAES,

We understand, it has been so long Lounge wasn't around, but we are still on charge of bringing the uniqueness and maximum entertainment in the server. Thus, in upcoming days we are bringing the biggest GangWars event you could ever see!

Before going into action I would like to introduce you our new Chief Marketing Officer @Bangas who will be responsible for company's value and customer satisfaction among all other organizations. Also, our new Project Manager @Crash who will be in charge of the projects and ensure they are well managed. @Blu is now leading our Host Services and we have just made 3 new contracts with @Oleg @Griffin and @Xavier who will be our Bet Service members until the end of the year.

I would like to also thank @Nirjhor, our ex-CEO for all the contributions to the company who has recently retired from his post but will be active during the shareholders' meetings and will share his valuable opinions with us. I will take his spot until further notices. Please, do check our new roster by clicking on this link.

Let's talk more about the event now:

alt text

We feel very honored to introduce you 4 organizations who were directly invited to our gang of the year event. The invitations were personally sent to the Headquarters of each team and we are so happy some of them returned positive.

Unfortunately, our last winner - Overdose Crime is not with us because they don't exist anymore. However, there are lots of new organisations out there and we are sure this gangwars will be a lot more hotter and well-organised than the previous one.

alt text

Traditionally, we kept our price at the top as usual. The winner team will get $100,000,000 of cash directly to its bank account.

The money will be sent a week after the Final Event hosted. The reason for it is that, it takes time for our Finance division to calculate the income statements and weekly reports after each event occurs. We have to set up the shareholder's income, winner's prizes and so on.

Moreover, this prize is collected from the process of bet services. Thus, without you dear people it would be impossible for us to host such event. Thanks for being with us in all of our projects!

alt text

It means every gang or squad will play at least 2 times to be eliminated from the entire competition. Wait, let me explain it perfectly. In the first week, teams will start competing to decide the brackets:

Winners' Bracket: Everyone starts here. You win - you stay, you lose - you go down.
Losers' Bracket: Loser teams will play here and have a 2nd chance, if you lose you are eliminated totally. If you win, you will proceed to the next round of losers' bracket but you can no more go up to Winner's Bracket.
Final day: winner of Winners Bracket vs Winner of Losers' Bracket

To check the whole table and the concept, please check this link.

alt text

Until Final day the map will be our super awesome dust2. It will be fully closed by our Host Services and Monitored by the Lounge Executives. And here are the weapons that are allowed during the match day:

Teams will receive advantage every round. Advantage means a certain team can camp or hide for 5 minutes and the other team has to eliminate them. Every next round the advantage and start positions are changed. In order to check rules and match process please click on this link.

And here is the list of weapons that are allowed in the arena:

alt text

Be aware, granade or combat shotgun is not allowed in the Arena. We want to push teams to make more tactical moves and practice their aiming skills. Combat shotgun requires a few shots to the body to kill someone and map is very small to use a grenade.

alt text

We are honored to say that @San-Andreas-Studios will be our partner during the whole event. They will capture the event and make an overall recap in the end. We will also receive best moments and clips from the matches.

On the other hand @Ardron and LoungeTV will be partnering to bring you the best possible live coverage of the matches. We will have at least 2 commentators every match and all of them will be streamed through Ardron's channel on Twitch.

If you believe your organisation can contribute to this event, please do not hesitate to contact us on our discord:

alt text

Timeline mostly depends on the amount of teams registered, however, here are the planned dates for the entire competition:

  • Registrations open until: 27.04.2020 20:00 Server Time

  • Live Draft: 28.04.2020 19:00 Server Time

  • Bets Open: 28.04.2020 20:00 Server Time

  • First Matches Begin: 01.05.2020 18:00 Server Time

  • Final Match: 13.06.2020 Server Time (due to change)

Final match will be hosted on a different map and the date can be extended due to the longevity of the competition. So, please note that it is not an exact date.

alt text

Do you believe that your gang is ready to compete in the biggest GangWars event? Then it is time for you to register and prove yourselves. Simply fill up the following form:

Gang/Squad Name:
Team Captain:
Available server times to play:

  • Note 1: You have to pay 5.000.000$ of registration fee in order to register

  • Note 2: If you register as a team , please check the Lounge rules correctly on this link.

  • Note 3: Gangs with Level 0 will only be allowed to enter the competition after the review process of our Marketing team.

Join our discord if you want to be notified about the matches before everyone else at: https://discord.gg/cXUbcmG

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Dear applicants and invited gangs,

We thank you for your contribution and accepting the challenge.

Current gangs and squads that will participate in the biggest event of the year are: FOX, The Outfit, Arms Assassins, CripZ, Underground Empire, The Company, SWAT, Hell Soldiers, Generation X, Medelin Cartel and Navy Malistrip.

There are in total 11 gangs/squads participating, thus, changes to the tournament table and updates will be announced soon.

Stay tuned and thank you once more,

Lounge Executive Team.

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