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Oleg's application for SAHA


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Your ingame username: oleg333
Your ingame alias: Oleg
Your year of birth: 2003
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Serbian
Country of residence: Serbia

How long you have been playing SAES: 5 years
Qualities you can offer: I am a cold head, I think straight and I dont get in conflicts. My emotions dont get in the way of thinking, I always tend to do whats right. I think Im pretty mature for someone who will be 17 years old soon. I am always chill and I dont get in fights easily because sometimes in the heat of passion, little head tells the big had what to do and the big head should think twice. I am good in working under pressure, pressure barely affects me. I am very loyal irl to people who I trust and that's something I've also brought here, being in The Company since almost the time it was created and not planning to leave until it dies. Last and maybe most important, I like to help people any way I can, in-game I had many times that I taught someone how stuff goes, Serbian people, good English speakers or for people who dont speak I used translate numerous times. I also like responsibility and that's one of the reasons for applying for SAHA. Last but not least, people around me say I am one of the most patient people they know and I do agree with it. I am patient af and I really dont know what boundaries a person must go over to make me lose it.
Your weaknesses: I am really not a narcissistic person, moreover I am pretty objective, especially about myself, although I really dont find myself some weaknesses. In real life I have pride problem f.e. and because of it there is many people whom I am not talking to anymore, simply because I wont take the apology or because I've never approached anyone first. Although this is a game so I dont really care about that stuff here.

Preferred Position (CS/SAHA): SAHA

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes

Reason for application: I've been helping people when I can but I think SAHA job would give me a responsibility to do that even more. Also, I dont think I am fit for CS yet and I prefer to try taking smaller steps.

Server Memberships: The Company HQ and raceTECH racer

Additional information: I live in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. I am currently in highschool and I plan on going to university of law when I finish it. I am also training kickboxing 5-6 times a week at a local club for more than a year now. I attend the parties and make my own whenever my parents travel somewhere, and all those things that high school brings. That would be all I can think of right now

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: I've never been adminjailed, barely any mutes.
Previous (legitimate) bans: None

Do you eat pork: I can but it's not my main choice

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Thank you for your interest in joining the SAHA team.

On behalf of the management team we'd like to thank you for your interest in joining SAHA staff. We have reviewed the applications for the position of San Andreas Housing Agency staff and have chosen to proceed with a few of them. We regret to inform you we will not proceed with yours.

alt text

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