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Max's application for Community staff


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Your ingame username: rana
Your ingame alias: [FBI]Max<SA>
Your year of birth: 2003
Your gender: Male
Nationality: Egyptian
Country of residence: Egypt

How long you have been playing SAES: I start playing SAES Before 6 years since 2013 and I started to learn alot of SAES rules and how to join Squads and how to make activities. And how to follow rules and be royal cop . SAES learned me how to kill and arrest players and how to do Role plays and all that...

Qualities you can offer: Im a honest player I'm not liar. Im old player in SAES . Im mature. with a good performance. and i like helping players if they need something. And i like teamwork, its the most important thing that we must do it. Im very active and i want to be staff to help players. Im kind and respectful player and i follow the rules. I have good skills in English. And i can check reports and do staff's job . Im active so i do activities and alot of things that no one can do it And Im active on discord, SAES etc... Im not rude and I am good arrester , And i have good stats in arresting . Im good in shooting . I like driving and playing well. Im patient . Im good in testing players like HQs. and im friendly. I dont give up like other people . and i will continue my career I will not stop . Im good at parkour not very good :p but u can give it 7/10

Your weaknesses: My Network sometimes be bad and slow and i cant play well and all players tell me Fix your lag and im trying to fix that lag and make my network faster than before and I can't drive shamal plane like other players so my weaknesses are Lag & driving shamal. And there is something i didn't want to tell it, I can't make a squad,gang or group by myself :( and I cant ignore people
who annoying me and spam me but im trying to ignore players.
Preferred Position (CS/SAHA): Community staff

Do you have Discord Installed: Sure I installed Discord app. Because its important during playing, and chatting etc.

Reason for application: Because i see all players apply to be Community staff & I want be staff because when i joined the game since 2014 when i see an admin[staff] i was thinking to be an admin and help players and make SAES the best server in Mta and i want help admins too and i will respect them. And do more good inventions for SAES. And be good Staff and follow the rules and help other players in big problems and small problems. And be the most respectful and royal player as other admins and staffs. I will not give up ! I will make SAES better than before and I will be more active to help players and see what they need. And i want be staff to see who is the rule breaker Because When someone dm me without any reason and i report him, No one see my report. And I have a lot of friends there So, I want to be staff with my friends. And staffs have a lot of powers i liked it as, teleport, fly and all that

Server Memberships:
-FBI Special agent
-Centrino member
-Fight club

Additional information: Hi,My real name is Mohamed i live in Egypt >Alexandria. Im 16 years old. I joined saes since 2013 and i like playing MTA and im active player and respectful, when i joined, I was ICE, Then i joined NSWC< Unofficial squad , then I joined ICE again, then i become TST Then Five-0 Then FBI. I help all players that need me and i follow the rules and i use it during play. I hope to get accepted and make SAES Best server in MTA and I will stay royal player. I will wait for SAES HQs answer. And I don't give up, I will continue my career and respect to admins everytime and do what they want.I try to make an effort to be staff :). I don't want to make short application :P So, Lets talk about Team work, Its the most important thing on SAES RPG and all players do it, If anyone do a team work in a squad, gang or group it will raise up like Official squads or gangs, And must follow the rules, its the most important thing, I follow the rules and im good in team work too. and I like playing in This server . Also, if I am not famous in saes or I do not have many followers, this does not mean that I will refuse from being a community staff. This depends on trusting yourself and that I respect any player or admin and that I make the right decisions always and stay part of the game.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: Mutes : I didnt take any mute before... AdminJails: I can't remember how many adminjails i took but that was when i joined the game my brother was taking adminjails and he didn't tell me and in that time i didn't know that its not allowed to let 2 brothers play in one account before 1 year, i took alot of adminjails because some trainees Dmed me without any reason and i reported them after reporting i toom adminjail and it wasnot my fault and i tried to tell SAES HQs but they didn't talk to me so, I took some adminjails .

Previous (legitimate) bans: Well, im not sure that i didnt take bans or i took 1 ban maybe i took 1 ban before 6 years I will be honest i dont know

Do you eat pork: No, I eat healthy food :P

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Thank you for your interest in joining the CS team.

On behalf of the management team we'd like to thank you for your interest in joining CS staff. We have reviewed the applications for the position of Community Staff and have chosen to proceed with a few of them. We regret to inform you we will not proceed with yours.

alt text

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