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Servers using stolen scripts/gamemode

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Due to the spate of people going around creating servers or becoming admins (and therefore supporting such servers) with stolen SAES / WSS scripts, I'm introducing the following rules.

For clarification, when we say "WSS scripts", we mean SAES scripts that was renamed/stolen.

From today (9th April 2020) the following rules are in place:

  • Creating a server using SAES/WSS scripts or being a 'developer' for those servers will result in a minimum of a 12-month ban from our services and you will not be guaranteed an unban after this time.

  • Becoming an admin on servers using SAES/WSS scripts will result in a minimum of a 3-month ban from our server, however, those who report server owners serials to us may (not guaranteed) be given a reprieve and unbanned before the full 3 months.

These new rules are not negotiable.

P.S. For those who don't really care and want to stick it out trying to develop servers with our gamemode, it should also be noted, that we also send cease and desist orders to server hosts and get MTA to blacklist any servers who fail to comply with removing our scripts from their servers.

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@Brophy If someone is fair / conscientious also has a chance for a free six-month Ban:) ... I think that if someone is already stealing scripts, the annual ban will not scare him.
In this case, the ban and the threat of legal action is probably the best solution that should deter such behavior.

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