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Skinner's LWS Events


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**Hello Everyone i'am Skinner i'm 18 years old and my name is Dimitris i born at athens and i grow up there and well i was never a guy that loved school to be honest i love to much videogaming and play arround with friends and make peopole have fun arround with jokes etc i like Gym and FOOD and a special drink called Energy monster i perfer the Green One and the Punch. Pink One my hobbys are Videogaming,football,jogging my aim in LIghting world sports its to make events that peopole will have fun and they will don't care if they lose or win well when i started my career in saes i din't knew english nothing i was also 10 years old a crazy kiddo i could say i din't had and the best start in the server but day by day i was tryning to be better alot of (Friends) helped me to change and teached me how to play arround and they teach me english also i really love them and i thank them about it i want to be friendly with everybody but isn't easy, but its ok Life its hard the only thing we have to do is we will Never Give up! well i'm not good with describing my self that much so i think ill stop here, if you ever need me anything or any help sent me a message in discord Skinner12#1279 i'm very active there **
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Event Format:
Event Number: #
Type of Event:
LWS Helpers:

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Number Of My Events: . 40

Money Spent On Events : $. 70,000,000$

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