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Cartel De Sinaloa | Level 2 Application


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Gang Created 3th January 2020

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^[ El negocio del narcotrfico no va a terminar porque con el tiempo somos ms. ]

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^[Production and distribution of drugs:]
^[Drug dealer Especially Cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and its classic Marijuana.]

^[Washing Money: ] Our illegal and criminal activities such as (Drug or trafficking, Corruption, Prostitution, Extortion and piracy).

^[Sale of armament:] import and export of armament to various sides of the world.

alt text


It all started in 1954, the world's most wanted drug trafficker "Joaqun Archivaldo Guzmn Loera aka (El Chapo Guzmn) in the Sierra de la Monte Chilliat, a small rural town in the state of San Andreas de Sinaloa began planting marijuana in the land of Whenstone until at age 15, the first time was when
He received his nickname (THE CHAPO). He began working for Miguel ngel Flix Gallardo, 'The Godfather', who was the main drug trafficker in San Andreas.

Joaqun moved to Los Santos as the capture of gallardo produced many conflicts of the different posters founded for distribution. and the cocaine traffic that claims power, that same date Joaqun Fundo, the "Sinaloa Cartel", is consolidated as the leader of a Sinaloa cartel, which caused many clashes and deaths between wars in the squares.

The capture of Major Capo was in 1993 on the border of Los Santos with Las Venturas and was transferred to the Federal Center for Social Readaptation, where he remained detained until 1995.
That year, a member of the Las Venturas government transferred Joaqun to a maximum security prison in the state of Red Country, where it was rumored that he lived with privileges since Joaquin's money was greater than the law.

After 9 years in prison, Joaquin manages to escape from the prison hidden in a laundry car, since he was a very intelligent drug dealer. The San Fierro government requested his capture and probably extradition to face charges of money laundering and conspiracy to transport cocaine.
To a Bone Country court.

January 2016 That date was very painful for the people of the mountains was his capture of Joaquin during an operation of the San Andreas Marina in the city "Los Mochis". Joaqun was finally extradited to Tierra Robada in January 2017 to face charges of being the head of the "Sinaloa Cartel".

^[alt text]

With Joaqun's extravision, the Sinaloa Cartel had new owners who were his children, Ovidio Guzmn Lpez aka (Audi-El Ratn) and Jess Alfredo Salazar Guzmn aka (Escobar-El Alfredillo) apparently the poster is as it never was his father always
He wanted a lot of courage and loyalty, since in October 2019 there was a capture of his son Ovidio Guzmn Lpez (audi-El raton) became a confrontation against the government of "Los Santos" with more than a thousand mercenaries of the "Sinaloa Cartel" they were arrested catching cars and heavy trucks so they couldn't escape without
The pattern was a war that lasted no more than 5 hours since the plan of his people had worked, always with eggs laid like my father.

^[alt text]

Gang Level ~[~ 1st Level]~(lime)

Tag CDS|Nickname / CDS|Nickname* for Probation.

Gang Motto The drug trafficking business is not going to end because over time we are more.

Gang Created 3th January 2020

Gang Value ~[$100,000,000.]~(lime)

Gang Panel CartelSinaloa

^[alt text]

Color code: #BA2D0E

Alliance: None for now.

Contracts: @Undisputed-Command.

Founders: @Audi @Escobar-R5 @Seol

HQ Team: @Fasito-CDS @messi @Jemsk @Alexiz2
^[alt text]


^[The friends of our Organization, who have supported us till our bad and good times.]

  • @Undisputed-Command

^[alt text]

^[The boss ~ El Patrn]

^[Level 5]
^[@Seol ]

^[HQ~People of the General]

^[Level 4]
^[@Fasito-CDS ]
^[@Messi ]
^[@Jemsk ]
^[@Alexiz2 ]

^[Cartel control - La mano derecha del patrn]

^[Level 3]

^[Trusted Killer- Hombre de Confianza]

^[Level 2]
^[@Rafa16 ]

^[Drug Dealer - Narcotraficante]

^[Level 1]
^[@Ofmine ]

^[Rookie Assassin - Asesino Novato]

^[Level 0]
^[@yeyking ]
^[@susana-horia ]

^[Total Members: ~[25]~(lime,lime,lime,lime)]
^[Inactive Members: ~[3]~(red,red)]

The boss ~ El Patrn

  • The Boss or El Patron- Is The Head Of The Organization,Terrorist Striking at the San Andreas Government.

HQ~People ~ the General or Gente Del General.

  • He is in charge of managing the finances, And in charge of creating new Taliban. of the cartel and managing Mens Cartel Control

Cartel control ~ La mano derecha General.

  • He is in charge of monitoring his trusted men and participating in criminal acts.

Trusted Killer ~ Hombre de Confianza

  • He is in charge of monitoring his junior drug traffickers, for his best sale of the cartel.

Drug Dealer ~ Narcotrafricante

  • He is specialized in the sale of drugs, especially marijuana and cocaine. He also has the mission of recruiting loyal people and keeping them under observation.

Rookie Assassin ~ Asesino Novato

  • Novice assassin or better said, novice gunman is in charge of assassinating people who do not meet weekly quotas or only assassinating police.

^[alt text]
^[Respect every player within the game]
^[Make sure youve red the server rules (Here )]
^[Follow the orders of the gangs Headquarters Team]
^[Do not ask for promotions.]

^[alt text]

^[alt text]
^[Kidnapping Houses]
^[alt text]
^[Drugs factory]
^[alt text]
^[alt text]
^[alt text]
^[Coffe shop]
^[alt text]


^[alt text]

alt text
alt text
alt text

^[alt text]

Roleplay count: ~[57]~(lime)
Event count: ~[50]~(lime)
Activity count: ~[478]~(lime)
^[alt text]

^[alt text]


Must be a mature person.
Must have experience for at least 1 month
You must know how to handle all types of weapons
Must have good humor and attitude

Application Format

ingame Name:
English proficiency:
Roleplay skills:
Tell us about you'r self (Minium 40 words):
Tell us in a paragraph explaining our role:

Why would you want to join us?:
Have you left or were you kicked from previous gangs/squads/companies ?(Reason):
Previous punishments/bans and reason:

Do you know any CDS Member (as a friend), and did anyone recommend you to apply for us?:
What is your strengths:
What is your weaknesses:
Any something else to add?:

^[alt text]
^[The Sinaloa Poster Appreciates Support for:]
^[@Douglass ]
^[@Latinoo ]
^[@SergioR ]
^[@Razer ]

^[alt text]

  • This banner means you are loyal and will fit well with us.

^[alt text]

  • This banner means you need to spend more time with CDS members.

^[alt text]

  • This banner means that you lack experience, but it does not mean that you cannot be one of us, with effort someday it will be a CDS.

Recruitment is now ~~[OPEN]~(lime)

Cartel De Sinaloa HQ

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^[alt text]
Must have an active management team (HQ) to represent the gang.

Must have 20 active members (including Leader and Vice-leader).

Must be active on the server for at least 3 months.

Must have a gang motto that represents the gang in 1 line only.

Must have a rank structure within the member list of the gang topic.

Must have a updated media archive with every role play, bank rob, event, special action all recorded and posted.

Must have a clear application progress on how to join the gang. If you choose to close your recruitment, you must still show applicants a clear way they can still join.

Must have a gang logo and a colour that represents the gang (if a colour is used already it cannot be used again, try to distinguish yourself from the other active colours used.

Must have at least $20.000.000 stored in /gang.

Must be prepared to pay $10.000.000 as level acceptance.

Cartel De Sinaloa HQ

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