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SparkyFastKiller Application for Arms Assassins


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@Canelas Maggie1234:
English :
From 10 to 10, how would you rate your english proficiency? (10/10):
**How long have you been playing on SAES:**Month
In a quick and short summary, tell us who are Arms Assassins and their roleplay: I guess names give you character, meaning, above all else a sense of purpose. We had a name now, a reputation we were building, something we had to uphold. This is when our loss of all things dear to mankind came about. Morals were a thing of the past, a human life was no longer a life, it was merely a pawn, a means to an end.
Previous clans on the server (include the reasons for leaving):
Previous bans on the server and reasons for them: when someone brakes a rule.
Name 3 Bankrob rules: one gang is allowed to do a maximum of 3 bank jobs a day
Members of the gang who are robbing the bank can kill any player inside and outside the bank
Members of the gang are not allowed to attempt to ruin bank jobs of their rival gang by raiding that bank sawed as police or informing police about the bank job
Imagine you're AA and you're helping another gang during a bankrob. What are some of the things you should absolutely NOT do?:
Name 3 Turf rules: all attending gang members must attend with a rank 4+ and a minimum of 3 members from their respective gang. Defending gangs are not required to have a rank r4+ attending to defend the turf.
Any gang member who has been invited 15 min before turf start cannot attend.
Gang members cannot kill anybody who dose not have a beacon unless they have an ic reason.
**Role play is more immersed in the game as they take on the form of a normal ncp which can be customized in a number of ways.
What is Deathmatching?: when two teams fight to the death
Someone DMs you. What do you do?: u let the gang know and u reply
You're passing by one or several cops, who do not attempt to arrest you. What shall you do?: keep going let the gang know and ask them what they want
Do you know anyone from the gang, or have made connections with anyone inside the gang, before you applied?: the leader
Application text (tell us something about yourself or anything you want to try to convince us): well I got good driving skill I can be your sniper if needed. I have some shooting skill. I am quick and I have got my car on two wheel for about a block and went between two cars that where close I almost never made but I did on two wheels. I can do what every u need me two do and I listen I am a good sport player.

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