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Web design contest (Drone interface) (50 / 10 mil)


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Hey everybody,

I'm hosting a web-design contest. I'm looking for designers who are interested in creating a design for one of my projects. If you're not a designer yourself, but know someone who might be interested (in the community), let them know!

If you're interested in taking part in this contest and have any more questions, feel free to ask them in the topic here.

The project I'm working on is a quadcopter drone. I'm programming a drone to (hopefully) be able to fly autonomously. I'll be controlling this through a web interface.

This web interface contains data-readouts, and various inputs. I currently already have a working (Work in progress) interface for this. But it looks rather crap:




This example is far from what it will actually contain though, much more inputs will be required.

The winner of the contest will be rewarded with 50.

In order to accept this prize you would require a PayPal account. If you are unable to accept this, I could donate 50 to SAES in your name instead (or steam games, or something like that).

Anyone who makes a "worthy" attempt, but has not won the contest will be rewarded 10 million in-game (as long as supplies last, I'm not the richest person ingame)


  • Must display current GPS position, in form of a map

  • Must display current motor throttle in percentages (see example)

  • Must display current orientation (yaw, pitch, roll)

  • Must have space for many different kinds of inputs (buttons, texts, sliders, whatever)
    Whether you use tabs, modals, or anything else for this is up to you

  • Ideally all would fit on a single display (1920x1080)

    • Fitting on a smaller screens (think tablets, 1024x768) is a nice bonus

  • If you are chosen as winner, I will require the assets you used for the design (think images, fonts, color codes, etc)

I want it to look somewhat futuristic, think of all the fake ass stuff you see in movies. But then actually useful, in a sense that it's actually usable.

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@DyamDouglas said in Web design contest (Drone interface) (50 / 10 mil):

When is the deadline?

I don't really have a specific deadline. Once I receive some submissions and have a deadline in mind I'll post here.

@Swiggity said in Web design contest (Drone interface) (50 / 10 mil):

50,- doesn't even cover the total costs of required coffees

Either you drink very expensive coffee, or just too much of it.

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