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K2rhym's LWS Events


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Welcome to my LWS Topic




  • Greetings, I'm k2rhym, I'm 19 years old, I have been playing in this server for a while now, 4 years approximately. I enjoy playing in the server but in the same time, I take everything serious, whatsoever, I'm willing to join LWS since I find it enjoyable & kinda cool, I'll make sure to use it in good will. I really do like building though, I always try building some things by spawning "worker" but I don't find it enjoyable anymore so I though, why not trying another level, next level. I'm active so I can provide my LWS services to everyone. I do like to communicate & understand people, it can even help in real life which I find useful in this game, the fact that it can gain you experience, also, I'm a chill guy, I don't really get into arguments with people even if they start one. I always find the patience & potential the keys to sucess in being a LWS, I think I have both of them, although, I have some ideas in mind, I'm willing to do many unique events and different types in the future. I'm in Black~Bullets, I do like this gang so much & I'm willing to spend my last moment in this gang. Anyways, That's who I'm, you are very welcome into my LWS topic where I should be posting my events. Thank you for reading.




Event Format: 


alt text



Event number: 



Event type: 






LWS Helper(s): 









alt text



Total Number of My Events: 181 



Money Spent on Events : 264,500,000



alt text


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