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I am Steven, not Steven


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I've gotten a few PMs about people thinking I'm the other @SteVen - to clarify we are different people. I started playing SAES in 2010 he started in 2019. He is also in ThC and i'm in FBI.

A bunch of you already know who I am but for those of you who don't, when you ask me why I left ThC or some other question thinking I'm the other SteVen I will link you to this post. Thanks :)

In short I am Steven, not SteVen. The other SteVen is a different Steven, we are different Stevens.

Sincerely, Steven.

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So if you're Steven and he's Steven too... Am I Steven too? And what about the other Steven who says he's Steven but also he's the other Steven of Steven's? Steven is Steven... or Steven isn't Steven? What I think is that you're Steven but I'm Steven too and other Stevens are Steven too.

Anyways, why you left ThC, Steven?

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