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update all system of fuel trucker



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the first gunslinger says few things from my big idea but I have big suggestions more than he hopes all see it and make it not hard to make add will improve RP of fuel trucker a lot.

1: about refinery places must change the color of it in the map to make all know where to have a crude mission

2: rise refinery mission money it very low

3:rise refinery upgrade it now only 8% make it at least 10 % or 15%

4: make factory of oil show number how many percent %

for all know only for who spawn as fuel trucker or special group like ALT .

5: make car gas show number how much it have from oil silly when I must all time go in the factory of oil to see

gas stations

1: make them show in the map in numbers and color like gas stations in ls 50% with the yellow sign it will make us know when exactly it will down or rip

2: rise numbers of gas stations in ls bc cause all-time action there all time gas stations in ls down fast more than any

3: few gas stations in bad place no one uses it like Tierra Robada Gas station bug must delete it or rework them in a good place.

4: make list in the right side with all gas stations need to refuel with how many % they have like a medic system and station it more than 80 %not show in that list and remove gas stations from it when it refueled.

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