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[FEATURE] - Utilise Sea[SOLVED]



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As you all know, Sea is very important in real life but not in SAES, less than 1% use it after the removal of "captain" spawn,
So basically only Naval Unit & SAP also players remember it when SAES launch flooding script.
Despite the sea is underrated & neglected, it can make SAES more interesting and enjoyable also makes SAP, coastguard, SAI & Navy great again.

  • 1st Option:
    We can map/create islands like "Dezzolation island" around SA, which can be a meeting point for all criminals(similaire to SRs) people smuggle drugs/weapons from that area to the warehouse in order to earn money(x2 or x3 SR's money)
    Also we can add a "race script" so the first 3 individuals who accomplish the mission they'll get extra money.

  • 2nd Option:
    Create Naval Oilfields around the map which will be expolited by ALT & Fuel Sailors, they'll have to transport the oil through a ship to the harbor where they'll find an oil tank then fuel truckers transport it to the refineries,
    during the naval transport of the oil, the ship can be attacked and hijacked by SAP & other criminals or pirates
    if the ship remains hijacked for a certain amount of time(2-5mins) they'll get rewarded for example 60-40k for each individual.


  • ALT & Fuel Sailors rewards will get multiplied during their naval activities/duties.

  • DE & Naval Unit will be able to respond all the time (no requirements/dictations)

  • In case if this suggestion got approved more rules will be added.
    ~[Maximum votes per user = 2 You're able to vote twice.]~(red)

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