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[LWS-STAFF] Griffin's LWS Events


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Welcome to my LWS Events topic.
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Who am I ?
Hello, My Name Is Zafer . I am 22 years old. I live in Istanbul/Turkey. I'm continuing my college education now. My hobbies in general include reading books, listening to music and playing sports. I don't play much except game SAES. Talking about my in-game career, I've been playing SAES for about 5 years. And I think I've had the experience I need for the LWS for a long time. I am also a member of ZIP and have done many exercises with this panel. If I look fit for the LWS I'm sure I'll put a lot more on it.
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Posting Format:

I will work hard to organize events that I planned my own and were not on the server before. Here's the format and banner I'll use for my events.
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Event Number:
Event Type:
LWS Helper:

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Money Spent: 39.000.000$

(Thanks Bazuka for Banners)

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