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Real Estate Addition - F2 Panel Information.



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People have always been trying to find a property that suits them best. More and more houses have been put on sale ever since the change in max prices arrived.

A lot of people that hear someone talking about a certain property, will check that users Real Estate information by pressing F2. A small window will open and provide u with some good to know information, along with a "Click to locate" option.

My suggestion would be to add a new column to this panel, "Income / Tax". Even could be 2 seperate columns, or just a income column. A lot of people are looking for a property based on income. This would help them to find a prop that suits there needs.

Ofcourse this is not the only thing that COULD be added to this panel. We could also add a carspawn identification ( if the property has one or not ), type of property ( House, business, base), etc. Allthough, simply adding the income / tax should give enough information.

Please leave your votes & feedback!
Thanks in Advance,

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