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Peaky Blinders - [P~B] - Level 1 Application


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If you wish to leave us an application please visit our main topic: Press Here
and if you need any informations, or would like to contact us please join our discord : Press Here

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alt text

The Peaky Blinders were the urban hooligans of Birmingham in the 1919s, one year after the First World War.

A family gang composed of essentially young men, including 2 main brothers the eldest Arthur Shelby , the second Thomas alias Tommy Shelby . This gang was directed and led by Thomas Shelby supported and helped by their aunt Polla Shelby.

They gained their social influence from mugging, violence, racketeering, gang turfs, and horse gambling but also thanks to the way they treated innocents and women.
Members of this gang must wear a very classy outfit that includes tailored jackets, button waistcoats, bell-bottom trousers, and leather boots. This chic outfit allowed them to have more charisma and authority.
Moreover, the Peaky Blinders had the support of the coppers, for the reason that they used to pay them, in exchange of a security, information, or even weapon.

The name of the Peaky Blinders comes from their flat caps into the peaks which they had sewn razor blades.
They used to fight with belt buckles, metal tip boots, fire irons, knives, even handkerchiefs that were filled with stoned and wrapped up.

At the end of the * 20th-century*, the Peaky Blinders disappeared leaving no traces behind them, destroyed their flats, with no evidence of their existence in Birmingham, even though the love of their city was incredibly powerful.
And thats when the Peaky Blinders arrived in San Andreas City, a city that welcomes all the most dangerous gangs that exist.
You should know something, Fear ain't a word that the Peaky Blinders know the existence of.

alt text
Leader-Founder: @Arma aka Thomas Shelby

Vice-Leader-Founder: @Lucifer Arthur Shelby

HQ- Shelby's Family (Lvl 4) : [P~B]Name

  • [P~B] @Genetrix

  • [P~B] @Nexroth

  • [P~B] @Judyess

Shelby's Partners (Lvl 3) : [P~B]Name[SP]

-Alfie Solomons: N/A
-Aberama Golds: N/A

-Isiah Jesus: @Skomorje

The Gypsies- (Lvl 2): [P~B]Name[TG]

Shelby Employees (Lvl 1): [P~B]Name[SE]

Recruits (Lvl 0): [P~B]Name

  • [P~B] @SoulFly

  • [P~B] @Rocker

  • [P~B] Vedius

  • [P~B]Psycho

  • [P~B]Asgal

  • [P~B] @The-Best1

  • [P~B] @minato

  • [P~B] @YxngStickz

  • [P~B] @CaptainRavien

  • [P~B] @Combine

  • [P~B] @Jamal

Peaky Blinders Associates:(VIP)

  • @James

  • @Zwolle

alt text

Gang Level: 0
Total Members: 16
Total Vehicles: 18
Division: Criminal
Money in bank: $25,250,000
Current Base Location: South East Las Venturas here
Vehicule Roster:
Hustler/Stafford/Landstalker/Picador/Glendale/Huntley/Damaged Glendale2/Stretch/Admiral/Esperanto/Turismo/Feltzer/Broadway/Dodo/Maverick/Bus/Shamal (LVA)
Gang Tags: [PB]Name[Rank]
Color Code: #523D3A
Day of Foundation: 25/12/2019
Discord Invite Link: Press Here
Media Archive Link: Press Here
''By Order Of The Peaky Blinders!''
''We are the Fooking Peaky Blinders!''
''The Shelbys are here you should fooking fear!"
''In a bleak midwinter.''

alt text

Rule n1: If anything that your superior says to you, or ask you to do NO FOOKING DISCUSSIONS!
Rule n2: Don't disrespect the Shelby members, if you have any problem. Inform an HQ about it.
Rule n3: Don't break the server rules. [F1]
Rule n4: Be a good example to the recently initiated members
Rule n5: Respect and Attend meetings, organized by HQs.
Rule n6: Any Immature/Childish/Stupid behavior will not be accepted.
Rule n7: Only English in the gang chat.
Rule n8: Respect our allies and the other rival gang/families, don't do unnecessary shit and get us into/start a war. If you have a problem with someone from another Family get in touch with the Bosses.
Rule n9: If someone asks you information about the gang like projects or ideas, DO NOT give full information!
Rule n10: Do not kill or injury coppers for no reason, if we catch you doing it, problems you will have.
Rule n11: No one fuck with the fookin Peaky Blinders.
Rule n12: Once you leave the Shelby family, you will not be able to join back. No second chances are given.

alt text

alt text
The main role of the Peaky Blinders was gambling, in Birmingham, horse gambling was considered more like a tradition than entertainment. The economic power and fundings are essentially produced by the bets of the Shelby Company. Moreover, the Irish Whiskey Industry allows them to grow more money into their wallets.
But as soon as Tommy and Arthur arrived in San Andreas they decided to start dealing with drugs and selling opiates all over the city. They also happen to trade drugs with weapons with some of their allies.
alt text

-(Every question with a ~[*]~(red) should be developed with a full sentence)

-Real Name (not necessary):
-In-game name:
-Time Spent in game:
-Rate your English skills on 10:
-Rate your RP skills on 10:
-Using a spoiler or imgur, put a screenshot of your stats (/stats):
-Previous Organisations:
-Have you ever been punished by the SAES Community Staff (Ban/Kicks etc..):

*-What makes you want to join the Shelby Family :
*-Weaknesses/Strenghts :
*-Talk about yourself:
*-What does RolePlay means:
*-What is our Role about:
*-What DM means:
-Have you read, and understood the F1> Server rules?:

When an applicant is ACCEPTED, this banner is added in the reply followed by the HQ+ response

alt text

When an applicant is DENIED, this banner is added in the reply followed by the HQ+ response

alt text
When an applicant is UNDER REVIEW, this banner is added in the reply followed by the HQ+ response
alt text

Gang Presentation Video:


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-Must have a gang name and gang tag :heavy_check_mark:
-Must have a roleplay and background story about your gang.:heavy_check_mark:
-Must be active on the server for at least one month:heavy_check_mark:
*-Must have 1 leader and 1 vice leader::heavy_check_mark:
-Must have 8 active members (including Leader and Vice-leader)::heavy_check_mark:
-Must have a media archive at gaming screenshots and a link to this in the gangs application topic:heavy_check_mark:
-Must have at least $10.000.0000 stored in /gang:heavy_check_mark:
-Must be prepared to pay 5.000.000 as level acceptance:heavy_check_mark:
~[We are still alive and active!!! you can see our daily activity through our media archive topic:]~(sienna) https://saesrpg.uk/topic/14080/peaky-blinders-media-archive?page=1

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