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Damn I hate those kind of topics. I saw OC got deleted and I won't let them be the only one getting ''RIP'' comments. Mongols Motorcycle club is now officially deleted. I rather keep the shitty reputation we have right now than making it any worse. I am thankful for everyone who helped us in any way, give me your adress so I could send you a bottle of homemade rakija. Several things happened recently inside our club which forced us to end up with this decision.
It was a wild ride that has come to an end.

Happy birthday to TT tho.

F bykers :sadpepe:
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f. I respect that you guys initially decided on riding back to san andreas. I've enjoyed both of your stays during my time playing.
it's sad to see one of the legendary gangs making a goodbye but i guess it makes sense with whatever you lot are going through.

peace out and be reminded you're always welcome to jump back on the bikes if you guys change your minds :sunglasses:

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