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Desert Eagles Christmas Recruitment Results and More


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as promised, Desert Eagles HQ is happy to announce the official results of the latest in-game recruitment as well as some other information that we would like to make public.

The results are the following, remember that those who pass the tests in-game go through a member voting and then a final decision from DEHQ.

Congrats guys! , wait ingame to recieve basic information!

@Matthews @Turbo @Legend


Now, DEHQ would like to announce some information that we consider quite important >

  • Desert Eagles will stop hosting recruitment's for a long period of time.

  • DE Naval Unit is separating from the main DE, meaning they will get their own recruitment's and some other independence.

  • Desert Eagles is changing some core things such as the removal of the Top Brass, colors in-game and other main stuff within the group.

That is all for now,

Desert Eagles would like to wish some happy holidays/Xmas to everyone in the community


General SAES>Patrol
General Dyam Douglas
Colonel Absent
Brigadier Crash
Brigadier IG288/Payne
Admiral Scorpyo
Adjutant SAES>Terry
Air Marshal Hassoni

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