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raceTECH Recruitment OPEN!


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Recruitment OPEN via application!

Want to join raceTECH?

Make application in the link below. Recruitment will not be open for long so be sure to be as active as you can while you can apply!

General knowledge about raceTECH: https://archive.saesrpg.uk/community/topic/59451-general-information/


Add your events and activities at the bottom of your application (in spoilers), feel free to edit it whenever you have something new to add.
Be yourself. Don't be a fake person in your application claiming to be the most active person I have ever seen, do one event then bugger off. We will remove the slackers.
Don't lie. Lies always catch up to you.
Make one application and edit it with upcoming acitivities.
Don't bump your application with "hangaround activities".
Don't wait around for other raceTECH members to RP/make events with. Feel free to make your own race events or roleplays with other people in the server. (Do not use raceTECH's name for your own events if you are not a member).
If you are denied that doesn't mean you can't be accepted in the future. Go out, come to some events or roleplays and get some screenshots!

You can post your applications here: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/1407/racetech-applications

Application format: (if you can't see what is in the spoiler press f5 and try again)


Personal Information.
In-game nickname:

In-game username [your login]:

Your real name:

Your age:

Your nationality:

Your timezone: GMT [+/-]

How often do you play every week?:

English proficiency (Out of 10):

Past experience in SAES:RPG.
How long have you been playing on SAES:RPG? (Please mention any inactivity absences & forum time too):

What organization are you CURRENTLY a part of?:

What are your previous organizations?:

What server groups are you CURRENTLY a part of?:

Previous server bans WITH reasons:

General Knowledge of SAES:RPG & raceTECH.

Explain what park killing is and why it isn't allowed.

Explain what deathmatching is and why it isn't allowed.

Explain what avoiding arrest is and why it isn't allowed.

When was raceTECH founded?:

Where is raceTECH base located?

Have you read our group rules prior to applying?:

What will happen if you cheat during a racing event?:

What is the first thing you should do before roleplaying as raceTECH?:

What is rule 5 of the raceTECH rulebook?:

In your opinion, what do you think is the most important raceTECH rule?:

Additional Information.

What interested you most about raceTECH?:

Would you see yourself as more of a role player, racer, or event host for raceTECH?:

Why should we pick you to be a member?:

Do you own a vehicle in real life? If so, what is it? [N/A if you don't drive]:

What is your dream vehicle to own?:

If you have any screenshots of your activity for raceTECH already [for example, if you've attended role plays or events] then post them below. This greatly increases your chances of being accepted into the group. You can also update your application as you go, with more events, roleplays and screenshots.



Thank you for your attention.
raceTECH HQ team

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