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respawn timer for brs



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Respawn timer at brs

cuz as everyone knows, cops finally became more active + using teaming (i guess terry did his job).

copside + hls/de can instantly respawn at br after getting killed, whilest killing criminal = rip for 8mins. specially when owning a house few meters near bank, or even owning the bank itself, one respawning cop near bank = more worth than 10 criminal deffenders, it comes worse when hls/de respawns at houses & come everytime back with fresh new armor... idk what else to explain, most people should be able to do 1+1 in theyr heads & if i remmember it right, there was an rule earlyer for gangs & squads beeing only allowed respawn at base or hospital to attent an ongoing br.

the suggestion/solouten:
-respawn-timer inside bank, getting killed inside bank = waiting a timer to respawn at house
-how long the timer will be, can be discussed

-oor add back the rule that gangs/squads + de/hls only allowed respawn at base/hospitals.

let the discuss or bitchfight beginn, many people that payed over 50mills just for an icon near banks may disagree, but there need to be done something

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@zaza said in respawn timer for brs:

Its suggested by rampage here

Also i remember squads not allowed to spawn at their property in order to reach bank faster

didnt saw : D

but ur sentence "cops not allowed spawn at theyr propertys in order to reach bank faster" just pushed my brain to remmember it for 100%

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