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Make gas can buyable at gas stations



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Hi, I don't have any clue if this were suggested before or so, let's make it simple. Most of the people gets pissed off when they are out of fuel in the middle of road.

I would make an interesting idea, let it be possible to buy gas-cans at every gas station, and it could stay at least per can max 20l, that's how much we need at least to reach gas station and refuel the vehicle. It also could be an interesting thing, the gas cans could be a rare thing, it could cost bit more, I won't say any stupid prize, we could later make an voting poll about it. So yeah, there also could be an option in ALT+GR when we buy a can, so we place that back in trunk. Once it is out of fuel, we may refuel it.

Don't blame me if this were requested before, no clue to be honest, but at least I'd love this idea to get discussed, since I think it would be pretty useful for anyone. :moistpepe:

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