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~Tour de San Andreas~


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Tour de SA in SAES!

Group name: Tour de SA
Group tags (depends on your role) :
(Pilot) : [PSA]Name
(Bus Driver ) : [BDSA]Name
(Boat Captain) : [CSA]Name
Group creation date: 10/11/2019
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/MrBvkNY
Color Code: (#f09d73)
Owner: @johnn
Motto: Relax Youre with us! We make it simple. Tour de SA

Back Story:

The 10th of November 1831, a mechanical engineer decided to create, a way of transport that could go around the city, and transport a lot of people. He was working really hard to create this machine, he had absolutely no idea, of how or where is he going to find an idea for the form of the machine.
One night, while he was in his workshop, his little son named John drew a drawing and decided to show it to his dad. The dad wasn't really focused, he was stressed and obsessed by how is he going to find the form of his vehicle.
John Was really sad, he crushed the paper into a ball, and threw it on his father's desk, and went to sleep.
After 30 minutes, the dad, who felt guilty about this, decided to open up the paper, and saw the drawing.
He screamed "Yes! Yes!! Thank God!! This is exactly what i wanted!! John!! John !!"
He ran as fast as he could to his son's bed, and gave him a giant hug!

The 10th of November 1842, The Dad, died. John was only old 13.
John was home alone..everyday he goes to his Dad's workshop and stay there, for hours and hours..
And one day, while he was going to his Dad's workshop, he made a promise, he said "I will continue my dad's work, and i'll show him, that i can really help him"

The 10th of November 1867
John finalized the project, he created what he called the "Bus" a vehicle, that can transport more than 10 people, and reach a speed of 60 km/h.

The 10th of November, 1868
John decided to go to a party, and he met this beautiful lady, called Jeanne, she was french, and they get married and had a kid.

The 10th of November, 1882
John's son began to work with his dad on the project..

137 Years Later..

The Family created a project called "Tour de SA"
This Group conisists of making some tours around San Andreas City, using bus, boats, and airplanes.
We will make you travel around every single corner of our city, some monuments, but also some landscapes, that you've never discovered.

How Can You Join Us?!

Well, try to hang as much as you can with our members, make some activities, and post the SS in our discord server, as a imgur link.
And of course you should apply, using this format:

-Name and Account Name:
-Where are you from?:
-Since when you started to play at MTA/SAES:RPG:
-What are your biggest strength/weaknesses:
-Why do you want to join us:
-What is your RP name?:


(( Any further informations, will be found on our discord server))

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Mateus apply for Tour de SA!

-Name and Account Name: OC|>Mateus, Mateus95
-Age: 14
-Where are you from?: Croatia
-Since when you started to play at MTA/SAES:RPG: so, i play long time and after my inactive ive made new acc so i will say sinice 2016-7
-Why do you want to join us: because i like to drive and i like to be bus/plane/boat driver.
-What is your RP name?: Mr.Mateus

-What are your biggest strength/weaknesses:

  • strength: im good driver and i know drive any vehicle.

  • weaknesses: i dont like to drive slow and carefull

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-Name and Account Name:OC|>Leb|theHustla , leb96
-Age: 23
-Where are you from?: Greece
-Since when you started to play at MTA/SAES:RPG: im playing since September
-What are your biggest strength/weaknesses: I can drive well and prefer to do it carefully and fast. My weakness is that i need a little time to learn the type of car that i use to handle it
-Why do you want to join us: Because i like a lot to drive especially bus/boats
-What is your RP name?: Lebthehustla

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-Name and Account Name:OC|>Vahe, Vahe12345
-Age: 14
-Where are you from?: Armenia
-Since when you started to play at MTA/SAES:RPG: since October
-What are your biggest strength/weaknesses: Strength-driving, weaknesses-I am tired of driving if everything is borning
-Why do you want to join us: Because i like to drive bus and boats
-What is your RP name?: Mr.Vahe

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