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Re: La Confrrie Des Lions

Ingame name:
Account name:
Real name:
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Nationality: Israel (Russian)
Languages Spoken:
Hebrew, Russian and English (All at a really high level)
Previous G/S/C (Why did you leave/get kicked):
I had no G/S/C because I didn't apply for any until now, had no confidence and felt like I wasn't ready for it, but now I hope that I know what I'm doing and ready to get in a gang.
Explain our role and who we are in ur own words:
A very skilled and professional drug dealing and organ trafficking organization, that started from two orphant brothers (The Charpentier brothers) that had a really cruel life as kids.
By their 20th year, they wanted to understand what happened, so the sneaked into the sheriff's office to steal the files from that same day.
After they opened the file, they red about what happened and it filled them up with alot of anger, they decided to take out the mafia which set their foster home on fire by hiring some gunmen and buying weapons. After taking out all of the mafia men, they torture the mafia boss till he died of pain in their hut. After the torture, they went to the police station to set it on fire and kill everyone inside, and after that day no one was brave enough to face them or even say a word about them.
Why would you like to join our organization:
I would like to join your organization because I would love to RP as a huge drug dealing and organ trafficking gang, and I like the concept and the style of a mafia like gang with 2 very cruel and savage leaders.
Why should we accept you:
-I believe that I'm a really friendly player to everyone.
-I will always help if I'm around/free at that moment.
-I'm very respectful to everyone until I have a reason to be against them.
-I'm always up to learning new thing, and try new things and RP scenarios.
-I'm very active on SAES:RPG except on fridays and saturdays (going out)
-I love to grind in most of the games I play, and I'm a very dedicated player to something I decide to put my time into.
-Looking for a gang to play with other players so I wont be getting bored alone.

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