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Ingame Reports [Explained]


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Hello everyone

ingame reports has been around for a long while helping to keep everything running as it should. but since we get a lot of arguments (when punishing a player) about how reports are handled, let me try to answer some of the most asked questions and try to explain how the report system work for us so everyone to get an idea

~[How can an admin be so sure about the case? / can i see the report?]~(red)

When a player sends a report, a copy of the recent death log, chat log, and damage log is attached to it, a screenshot too if the player chooses to send one. those are not posted via link (like imgur) it's inside our reports panel and attached to the report itself, in order to view it you have to be an admin/staff yourself to have access to it.
#note: reporters can (and are encouraged to) take their own screenshots/recordings for the rulebreak reported and send links of them in the report itself. it can come in handy in various situations#

~[An admin/staff punished me and i want to see the report/evidences myself!]~(red)

After the report is dealt with by an admin/staff it gets removed and once that happen it's can't be retrieved again hence we can't really show you evidences unless we screenshot it all from our report panel and then send it to you which in 95% of the cases is not necessary at all and in the other 5% it's when we want to ask about something particular in the case or if it helps the case somehow in our opinion. we are not obliged by any means to show the evidences to the reported player or anyone else, only admins/staff can see them and it's totally up to us to show them to others if seen necessary. in fact -and by server rules- an admin's word is final so you cant argue him about the evidence, and only if you suspect he's abusing you can report him to an HQ.

~[Shouldn't the admin/staff talk to the reported player first before punishing?]~(red)

We deal with hundreds of reports every single day, some reports require speaking to both sides, some reports require extra investigation and could take days to sort, but in many cases the chat logs/damage logs/kill logs/screenshot attached are just too obvious and proves without a doubt the player has rulebreaked beyond any discussions. there are other factors that can also make a difference in dealing with reports like if the player has previous history of punishments for the same rulebreak or if he was warned about it before, if the rulebreak was intentional or not, and how far that rulebreak affected other players gaming experience in a negative way. the admin handling the report evaluates all the factors surrounding the case with all the evidences at hand to take the best decision from his point of view.

~[But what if the admin's point of view is wrong? this is not fair!]~(red)

if you think the admin took the wrong decision you can discuss it with him maturely if you have any evidences of any kind regarding the case. punishments can be removed if proven to be wrong. but if you dont have those or if the admin is not convinced or have stronger evidences against you then it's over.
admins/staff were chosen as they're trusted enough to handle the duties of moderating the server, there is no reason for them to lie and say there is an evidence against you when there isn't and that's why an admin's word is final, but, in any case you thought an admin is passing his limits, abusing his powers, or intentionally interfering in the reports in an unfair way (either by removing valid reports or punishing for invalid ones) you can always take it to an SAES HQ team member with all the evidences or concerns that led you to think that way. and if the admin in question here is an HQ himself you can still take it to Brophy as the HQ manager. SAES has always been known to take reports about the clan members seriously and deal with them fairly and there are many examples of how valid reports/complains ended up removing previous clan members.
#note: keep rule n.12 regarding false reports in mind before reporting a staff/admin#

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