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SAES Birthday Event


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Hi All,

As you know VCES/SAES is 16 years old on the 23rd Nov, in light of this, I will be doing a main event at Mount Chilliad.

I will have my damage reduced to a mere fraction of the actual damage your weapons will do, so it will take quite a while to kill me. (Don't worry, issue from last time has been located)

I will also have SAES members spawning near me to act as my personal guard.

The person who kills me will win a big reward (still to be decided).

I will also be doing other events on the server at this time and handing out more rewards.

(Rewards include money, vehicles, x amount of equivalent donation rewards and properties that I own)

It will start between 19:30 and 20:00 GMT on 23rd 24th Nov.

~[P.S. No special spawns or abilities are allowed during events (eg, Headshots etc)]~(red)

alt text

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