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PaBLo's LWS Events


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  • Old Info:

    • In-game Name:PaBLo

    • Account name:pablo04

    • Joined the server on (date):6/1/2019

    • Events you see yourself doing if you get to join LWS:i WillStart by learning the techniques of building and programming in the not and also try to open a contest for the experience and then the questions of members who have experience and then never develop my skills.

    • Explain what you understand by our motto, "Quality over Quantity":Quality is more than quantity This Motto means a lot to me, because it means big and they mean that even if the thing you offer to the client is not the big thing but the important is the quality of the thing so the customer to follow the details that you give him. The quality of the thing does not mean to be something supernatural but quality The food is distinctive and suitable for the customer and also made with the highest materials, but quantity is the proportion of what you give

    • Explain why you want to join LWS:The players in the server are always on the rise, who are opening the contests and there are a few LWS who are opening them so we need more LWS and i'm active player.


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