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BloodZ - Level 1 Application


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^[alt text]

^[Hit 'em up and hit 'em fast]

^[Must have a gang name and gang tag]

^[Must have a roleplay and background story about your gang.]

^[Must be active on the server for at least one month]

^[Must have 1 leader and 1 vice leader.]

^[Must have 8 active members (including Leader and Vice-leader)]

^[Must have a media archive at gaming screenshots and a link to this in the gangs application topic]

^[Must have at least $10.000.0000 stored in /gang]

^[Must be prepared to pay 5.000.000 as level acceptance]

^[alt text]

^[The Bloodz gang was invented at 1996 by Makaveli. The patron of this ruthless gang was born in America and had much criminal problems. His dad was shot when he was 16 years old, and since then he swore that he would kill the murderer of his father, When that happened 2 years later, he stood up against people, and became a ruthless killer, he made friends and enemy's and with those friends he started the BloodZ, they are against Racism and they hate the CripZ, the West-side of SA. They have conflicts in weapon dealing and cold-blood killing, whenever they meet each other it end's up in a battlefield.]

^[With the gang still growing they now cover certain parts over San Andreas where they breed new killer's and weapon dealer's, There ever lasting motto is: ''Hit 'em hard, and hit 'em fast'']

^[The Beginning]


^[It started with a passionate and energetic kid nick-named Makaveli. He lived with his two parents in gang-ridden Compton, USA. It was a hard life, but his parents did the best they could to provide for him, especially his father. When he reached the age of 16 his dad was caught in the cross fire of a CripZ drive-by on a traitor from the ruthless gang. This scarred the little boy and filled him with the rage of a thousand iStars. However, he was a smart kid, he knew he wouldn't be able to retaliate until he was older and had help.]


^[Realizing the emotional change in her son, she moved him out to San Andreas, in the hope he might forget about his father's killers. Upon arrival, as he was in the taxi coming from the LS airport, he witnessed a huge street fight with groups with many groups of people in different gang colors. When he saw this, he vowed to not lose his mother or anyone else he met to gang violence again. In order to protect himself, his family, and gain respect....He had to organize a family that would take shit from no one, protect and hang with each other, through life and death.]


^[Reaching the age of 21, Makaveli and some close friends of his started the BloodZ. They moved to the West side of Los Santos, to avoid being wiped out by the large gangs before they grew. The BloodZ stand for much more than senseless killing however, they help any newcomers to LS so they have a chance of survival in the harsh streets. On one hot Los Santos evening, the BloodZ were partying in celebration of a new spot they acquired to chill and use as a base of operations. The gang organized here and was brought closer together when a couple drunk members of a small LS gang stalked the streets of West LS, and attempted to crash the BloodZ party. After a matter of 4 minutes, the small gang was wiped out. A BloodZ member by the name of Style told Makaveli about a deal the gang had made with some Russians to be supplied with weapons that they could take advantage of.]

^[Change of Plan]

^[On a misty, uncannily quiet Los Santos night, Makaveli decided to roam the streets. He wasn't sure what he was looking for, but he knew that something wasn't right. He had lost hold of much of his empire recently, he had gotten to relaxed thinking he was at the top. As he drove his Blood-Red Sultan, he got a bit drowsy and wandered into CripZ territory. After a CripZ lieutenant noticed the car with Makaveli alone in it, he saw opportunity to prove himself. He instantly devised a plan to gain fame among his CripZ. He gathered ten other members and then noticed Makaveli started driving in circles around their block. He ordered his thugs to set up roadblocks before Makaveli circled back around. The drowsy Makaveli drove right into the trap...After he was captured, The CripZ lieutenant ordered one of his men to tie Makaveli to his bed and get a video camera...The next day there was a giant CripZ viewing party; all thugs who claimed the color blue would not miss a gang-rape video of the BloodZ leader. After this lost, the BloodZ rage rekindled their burning passion to fight their way to the top, and stay there. Out of a select few, there was one person distinguished to be the leader of the BloodZ; an intelligent and capable Makaveli was chosen among his peers to replace Style. After a few weeks under his management, the BloodZ quickly regained their former respect and sent the CripZ into hiding. However, it was just the beginning]

^[alt text]

^[Access to our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/gZQ9Gyt]
^[Access to our Media Archive: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/4402/bloodz-media-archive]

^[alt text]

^[Yo, we're the Bloodz. We planted down in west Los Santos. We a family and never leave homies in da back. We ruthless ice cold killas getting into all kinds of gang shit around the state. We a multi-application company and we deal in all kinds of 'professional' services.]

^[alt text]

^[Gang Panel: BloodZ_]
^[Creation date: 16 - 9 - 2019]
^[Gang Motto: "Hit 'em up and hit 'em fast"]
^[Gang Colorcode: #C20000]
^[Gang Tags: BloodZ*> / BloodZ>]
^[Gang Value: 50.000.000$]
^[Gang Allies: @The-Pirus]

^[alt text]

^[1. Personal Information]

^[ Name:]
^[ Username:]
^[ Ingame Name:]
^[ Age:]
^[ Nationality:]
^[Capability to talk english (1-10):]

^[2. In-Game information]

^[ How long do you play on SAESRPG?:]
^[ What other gangs/squads/companies have you been in, and have you been kicked?:]
^[ Do you have Discord and a working microphone?:]
^[ How many hours a week do you play?:]
^[ What are your strengths and weaknesses?:]

^[3. Gang and random questions.]
^[ What made you want to join BloodZ?:]
^[ Can you bring anything specific to our gang?:]
^[4. Answer the following as good as you can:]
^[ What is Roleplay?]
^[ What is our Gang RP and Motto?:]
^[ Who is BloodZ's leader?]
^[ What do you do if you get deathmatched?:]
^[ What do you do if you see someone else breaking a rule?:]
^[ Tell us something about yourself:]

^[alt text]

^[Total Members: 22]


^[Level 5 - King pin]
^[Level 4 - Original Gangster's (Viceleader/HQ)]


^[Level 3 - Baby Gangster's (Training Manager/Respected)]

^[Level 2 - Thug'z (Experienced Members)]

^[Level 1 - Roller'z (Normal Member's)]


^[Level 0 - Dealer's (Starting Member's/Probation)]













^[Honorary Members]




^[alt text]

^[#1 Play by the rules written in F1.]
^[#2 Respect players, admins and superior's inside the gang.]
^[#3 Do not DM anyone for fun.]
^[#4 Do not Bankrob without atleast one HQ online.]
^[#5 Do not arrest gang members or alliance's if you play as a cop.]
^[#6 Never leave a brother behind.]

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^[alt text]

^[Welcome to our media archive, we'll keep the good things down below.]

^[Main Topic: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/4394/bloodz]

alt text

^[Total Events: 38]
^[Total Roleplays: 26]

^[Total money for Events: $34.500.000]

alt text

alt text
Roleplay Number:
![alt text](image url) <--- SPOILER

alt text

alt text
Event number:
Event type:
LWS Helper(s):

![alt text](image url) <--- SPOILER

alt text

alt text
Activity Check:
![alt text](image url)
BR / SR / TW
![alt text](image url) <--- SPOILER

alt text

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