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Undisputed Command - Level 1 Application


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^[~[Leales siempre, Traidores Nunca, El Comando Indiscutible!]~(sienna)]

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Undisputed Command is a paramilitary related Gang that Immigrated from South America more specifically from Venezuela, Colombia, Dominicana and Argentina to San Andreas Territory, they currently take part on the mountains located in Flint county and Red County Its Comrades are persons very Infamous and Unrespected when it comes to Violence, usually they have battles of territory for the control of the Mountains and its arounds for the elaboration/making procedures of cocaine as one of their main money profits, Alongside Weaponry Trafficking and Kidnapping.

Cocaine Elaboration: Undisputed Command / Comando Indiscutible Usually have Furious Battles on the mountains for the control of the territory. We set the <Commandos> "on Sectors of the Mountains and nearby Perimeters"

Kidnapping: In order to have full control and the Cooperation of the Local Police Department Usually we Kidnap the Sheriffs of the county for Extortion in order to make them Corrupted and by then we gain Rights of staynance of the territory.

Weapons Trafficking: Undisputed Command has deals with the local criminal Organizations of Weapons as they need to have their Soldiers well-armored. for the territory battles sometimes they get out the mountains and Jungle to make deals with Mafia/crime Bosses.

Threats/extortion to Politicians: As sub role, the Undisputed Command attempts the Slaughtering of Politicians, as a reference of the No-support of the Current Laws and Politics regarding the State. as sometimes the Politics put Laws and Enforcements that no-benefits the good sake of the Undisputed Command

^[alt text]

1964 Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia FARC was created.

1998 Undisputed Command Origins: A fifteen years old boy originally from Venezuela whos name was Hender Marulanda, Rebel with his parents, Behaviours of superiority and many compliments, decides to travel, his destiny was Colombia where he'd find the Revolutionary organization known as FARCs the one he'd join later on.

2000 Two years have passed. Marulanda has learned everything he could as a recruit, therefore, he got promoted to ''Guerrillero'' this rank was meant for the experimented soldiers of the movement his Actions and skills with the guns were unbeatable. therefore, he was feared. That same year the Commandante Mayor of "las FARC" ordered a huge movement with a purpose of overtaking the enemy's territory and nearby cocaine-elaboration spots which were located in the mountains of that place, Marulanda's front of soldiers murdered the citizens of the former farms all under his Commander order as Marulanda's reputation followed him for being cruel, emotions close to none he succeed the task given and therefore they took all the control.

2004 Pass next four years Marulanda wasn't known as a 'Guerrillero' but as a Leader of Front where he'd meet the Cabos Gonzales, Sepulveda, Lombardo, DelaCruz, and Deleon; <Gonzales as well originally from Venezuela so was Sepulveda, Lombardo from Argentina Emigrated from his country to Colombia as he shared the Revolutionary ideology where he'd get recruited by las FARC later on, DeLeon DeLaCruz two brothers whos were extremely cruel and insanes originally from Republic Dominican that joined LasFarc>, they grown a close friendship with each other accomplished tasks for his Commanders with the pass of the time, yet, months later they were assigned to the West-Command Post.

They continued obeying Commander's orders for a couple of months more; Killing, Kidnapping and selling cocaine. One day Marulanda noticed that his commander was a bit cocky with him and the rest of the soldiers, so he decided to sneak in the meeting of the commanders, where for his surprise he'd hear Horribles plans, something about government-FARC negotiations and a Surrender word within it the phrase of '' Killing the Loose ends'' Marulanda almost immediately ran away to his fella's place to knock them out their beds in order to put them alert and aware of commanders plans, therefore, they grabbed the equipment and guns and escaped from the West-Command Post they went downhills crossed the rivers and mountains, Marulanda ordered them to get lost and carry themselves in order to have more opportunities of losing their commanders, as they did, Marulanda never would see them again or that's what he thought

2018 Fourteen years passed Marulanda has Emigrated from South America to a place called San Andreas which were located in North America, now with a family of Three him his wife and son, yet, Marulanda still had his Ideology of Paramilitary and Revolutionary mindset, something he'd never lose. He started working with the Narcotics of a low profile in this new place he was as he didn't know what else to do best than being a murderer or a cocaine maker, and for him, it was the way to provide his family.

For his surprise a day he received a letter, which had a wrote on it: < This is Gonzales the one you've saved his life fourteen years ago, I'm informing you that we were tracing you for months looking for clues about you, and now, we've found you damn finally, We already know you live now in San Andreas so as we do, come to Los Santos Groove-street Bar tonight 21:00.

Marulanda with no exhalation went to the bar, once he entered it he saw the ones he used to call Comrades, he rushed to the table they all were seated so he gave him his hand as he saluted all his friends, little, later on, he took a chair where he'd seat, after couple bottles of whiskey went down, Marulanda risked an offer one that consisted on the creation of a new Commando similar to the one they once were part of, and now knowing that their friends were related to mafia and business with the cocaine here in San Andreas he knew it was right to ask, the rest looked to each others and with their heads they nodded as a signal of confirmation and agreement to Marulanda that day Undisputed Command was founded even though they remained hidden working in the shadows for a couple more time.

2019 Present Day; Undisputed Command knew for being huge sellers of cocaine in the county of Red to the minorities consumers has grown fame around their territory and mountains of SA , Feared members that never fails, Undisputed Command aware everyone to stay away from their place else they'd see the Commando power and cruelty by their faces.

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^[alt text]

  • Gang Level: 0

  • Gang Bank Balance: 152.000.000

  • Gang HQ Team: @Stay @Venom @Douglass

  • Gang Color: #6D4327

  • Gang RGB: R:109,G:67,B:39

  • Gang Panel: Undisputed_Command

  • Date of Creation: 19/8/2019

  • *Gang Tags: U| For Full Members U| For Probationary

  • Gang Motto: Leales Siempre Traidores Nunca!

  • Gang Alliances: N/A

  • Gang Discord Link: https://discord.gg/v3EJGT6

^[alt text]

^[Comandante de Estado Mayor del Frente = Level 5 / Leader=]
^[ @Stay ]
^[Sub Comandante Mayor Central = Level 4 / Vice Leader =]
^[ @Venom ]
^[Comandate de Frente = Level 4 HeadQuarter =]
^[ @Douglass ]
^[Comandate Honorario = Level 4 Respected =]
^[ @cocko ]
^[ @Zodiac ]
^[Capitn de Frente = Level 3 Recruit Managers =]
^[ @PerroLombardo ]
^[ @gxnzo12 ]
^[Teniente de Frente= Level 2 / Veteran=]
^[ @Rocoso ]
^[ @asking200 ]
^[ @Teo ]
^[ @Paradox ]
^[ @MacYeizzon ]
^[Sargento de Frente = Level 1 / Soldier =]
^[Cabo de Frente = Level 0 / Member =]
^[ @DontioGudy ]
^[ @elrray ]
^[ @xSeb4x123 ]
^[ @mrquique ]

^[Total Members: ~[16]~(lime)]
^[Inactive Members: ~[0]~(red)]

^[alt text]

VIP Capatz of the Commando. This is a Rank created for those players that support our ideologies and are positive towards our willings they are Homies of ours.


^[alt text]

^[Comandante de Estado Mayor del Frente]

^[ This Rank Belongs to the Leader of the Frente Paramilitary he's been in many situations that has made him the Head of the Gang He knows all his Comrades and his Ideology is the one to be followed he takes advice from his Sub comandante Central]

^[Sub Comandante Mayor Central]

^[ This Rank is made for the Vice Comandante He's the Right hand of the Movement he controls the others comandantes de Escuadra, he gives the instructions from the HeadMaster to the Frente Leaders and they execute it]

^[ Comandante de Frente]

^[as the name says it he's the comandante of the certain perimeter of the Mountain or the Places where we'd be located at, he's the man in charge of the Cocaine Elaboration and Distribution and his part of High Central Table]

^[ Comandante Honorario]

^[The Formers Comandantes de Frente that actually gave their all efforts towards the Command, yet, they were moved as Honoraries Comandantes due to their long service and will always be respected in the Command]

^[Capitn de Frente]

^[ This Rank is named before the Paramilitaries in charge of Recruiting new blood into the movement Lines, They seek for Potential Candidates of the Gang they push themselves to the Limits in order to have the very best in the Gang]

^[ Teniente de Frente]

^[ This Rank goes for the Veterans of the Gang and Paramilitary Movements of the Gang itself, they're the comrades that have showed up their Loyalty towards our Ideals their Job is to make sure everything inside works properly in the camps ]

^[ Sargento de Frente ]

^[ The Sargent of the front is the Man in charge of the Cabos de Escuadra he supervises the new addition of the Gang and Paramilitary Movement, he's been around for quite some time.]

^[ Cabo de Frente ]

^[ The Cabo is the new addition towards our Movements, he's pushing forward to learn our Ideologies of revolution and how the job is done inside our lines]

^[alt text]

  • Make sure you've seen and Have understood the Rules here Found https://saesrpg.uk/topic/6088/saes-rpg-rules-regulations-translated

  • Follow the orders of every SAES Administrator/Staff Team

  • Avoid any situation of Conflict with server players and act mature the Movement doesn't like Unprofessionalism

  • Make sure you Follow Comandante de Escuadra Orders aswell your superiors as we're a machine, a piece must be well placed for it to work.

  • Your Behaviours are very important as well your Common sense you MUST be good on both

  • Avoid Flamming/Spammin Main chat with stupid comments

  • Undisputed Command doesn't Follow any others Rules from outsiders make sure you give yourself a place towards others. Head always Up.

^[alt text]

^[Undisputed Command / Commando Indiscutible have had negotiations with some powerful persons around the county of Red, there We've settled our Central Frente.]

^[Our Live first actions will be taking part in the Red county Mountains, Where nobody could really have access to it.]

^[alt text]

^[alt text]

^[alt text]

^[alt text]

^[alt text]
Warehouses of the Undisputed Command

^[alt text]



^[alt text]

Hey there Cabo if you're here it means you wanna be part of the Paramilitary Movement !, Make sure you have read all the Gang Rules and Server rules in order to be successfully accepted. Yet, there are a few requirements we ask for:


Must be at least 15 Years of age.
Have played SAES for 3 Months as a minimum
English Level < Decent / Understandable > in order to communicate with the saes environment and players
Ground Skills < Combat

Application Format:

Ingame Nick:
Account name:
For how long you've been playing SAES?:
SAES Experiences G/S/C :
Previous Bans & Reasons:
What is Undisputed Command Gang Role?:
Why should we accept you:?

^[alt text]

If you receive this Banner it means you're good to go, you've shown your skills towards our command, therefore, we will give you the chance of being part of it.

^[alt text]

This one means as it says, that you're not good to be part of the Command it may depend on your attitudes towards the gang/community, you have to improve as a player and we're sorry but we won't let you be part of the gang.

^[alt text]

This means you're pending that we find you fittable for the gang, but on the other hand, we must see you around often showing yourself, as you've passed the recruitment process.

^[alt text]

If we set you up as 'Under Review' It means we're still considering you based on your application format and that you yet haven't passed the recruitment process, therefore, it means we would continue evaluating your words here written.

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^[alt text]


Criminal Activity done : 98
Events done: 28
Roleplays Done: 18 big roleplays.

This regards the activity we've managed to do in this past month, therefore, we will post this month's one the next 31 of October. Undisputed Command hasn't yet set a limit for what we expect this month, we hope for the best and the quality would progressively increase thanks for taking a look on the stats, and see you in the gamer path!

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^[alt text]


Criminal Activity Made: 135 this month including JB's SR's VIP's BR's assistances Activities, for a total 233 Criminal Activities in 2 Months the gang has

Events Made: 17 Events this month, for a total of 46 Events made in the time we have working

Roleplays Made: 8 High-Quality Roleplays, for a total of 26 Roleplays good quality roleplays we've made so far.

We've done an Overall of the things the Undisputed Command have been involved on, Events, Roleplays, Criminal activities from the very first day we've created the gang to this Day, Have a nice Day/Morning/Afternoon/Evening

Side Note: Roster Updated, Warehouse's Added.

Kind Regards ~ Undisputed Command

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