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Police car related suggestions



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~[If you want/or see this suggestion Please make the devs take this suggestion by the poll above this note]~(red)

  • ~[Suggestion 1]~(lime)
    I have 2 suggestions that may be interesting but good.
    Police cars. The first thing is that I was wondering why police cars of all states don't have shotgun cartridges or gun bullets as a reserve in case you spend them all, then. If there are none would it be better to create them to have them?
    A new button must be added to the alt + gr panel with a Shotgun ammo name and the specified amount that should also be lost when they are ~[spent]~(red)

Well a note: Obviously the button would be found only when you execute the function related to the trunk in which you check what is in the trunk of a vehicle

-Example: https://i.imgur.com/igRCk8w.png

  • ~[Suggestion 2]~(lime)

Would it be nice to have police cars that with their lights interact with the environment in general? I mean to reflect the lights to space like the floor?
Also, improve the lights that follow programmatic patterns.
That act almost like real-life police lights

-Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7SMbyeuLx0

NOTE: Not to really copy the mod but at least to simulate it. Or create something similar to it. Because that mod is really nice.

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