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Roleplay Association


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^[alt text]


^[ SAES Roleplay Association is a group of players who work towards making SAES:RPG more related to the RP in order to enjoy a less strict RP base and at the same time, being able to enjoy decent roleplays within SAES community]


^[1. Organizing roleplays ingame that involve several RP groups]

^[2. Organizing roleplays that not only involve RP groups, but regular players too]

^[3. Developing ideas that may produce RPs on their own (such as RP town)]

^[4. Cooperating in a positive way towards the map and scripting of the server with RP purposes]




^[Join our discord here: https://discord.gg/RT5tSGA ]

This is still in development stage, so we would be glad if everyone who enjoys RP could join to help us shape it. SAES and SAES HQ are especially encouraged to join due to their important role in the server management.


^[not updated]


^[ I]

^[This text is written as a response to the need of keeping an organized way of bringing back the RP to the server for it to stay without making it depend on a single person that takes the lead, but making everyone able to take part of the project and actually do something to help with it.]


^[All the information related to this organization will be found here. Rules will state clearly what CAN and CAN NOT be done to make it easy to understand and clearing any fear of doing something which goes against the general interest or leads to any misunderstanding. ]


Noticing that these rules will need an update, they will be mantained by REGULATIONS and CODES. REGULATIONS will be new rules which enter into force inmidiately when published. CODES will be an advised thing to do for a certain period of time and will eventually become a REGULATION.


^[Changes to this title will require the approval of more than 50% of the members of RP association and a 75% to change already existing regulations.]


1- General

The following content refers to Roleplay Association as a whole and everything wrote applies to all the members, initiatives and areas under its authority.

1.1- Area of aplication

a) Roleplay Association is a group that must have no impact on the gameplay, meaning it shouldn't have headquarters, make any kind of monetary profit from its actions or make use of a spawn .

b) Its initiatives apply ONLY to SAES:RPG and anything that doesn't refer to the server won't be a competence of the group.

1.2- Objectives

Roleplay association objectives are promoting the roleplay by:

a) Affecting the scripting positively

b) Organizing roleplays

c) Developing the server towards more RP posibilities

d)Help in the management of RP-related groups

1.3- Functions

a) Creating RP initiatives such as Fort Carson RP town

b) Helping to the creation of new RP groups and maintenance of the existing ones

c) Promoting the RP in different ways

d) Supporting the creation of companies

e) Keeping low RP standards groups out of the activities

f) Providing gangs/squads and general community with all kinds of RPs

g) Supporting gang/squads/companies with a strong roleplaying

1.4- Limits to its authority

RP Association won't go against general SAES interests.

1.5- Operative method

All the work and organization will be done in accordance with the information writen in this title and under the leadership of the association planning

2- Organization

The association is composed by server players related to the RP who will cooperate in their own fields with the available resources to reach the objectives stated in 1.2 section. The internal division is meant for the group to work for itself without a permanent leader/founder on charge.

2.1- Members part of the association

By members part of the association this title refers to the people with access to discord and who actively take part in the activities of the group. Access will be given to:

a) Players taking part of the RP activities with access to discord

b) Management of the association (2.2 to 2.7 sections)

2.2- President

The President of the association is the higher executive rank of the organization.

2.2.1- Functions

a) Coordinating the work of the association

b) Developing new initiatives

c) Making these rules be followed

d) Starting roleplays

2.2.2- Requirements

a) SAES membership (for operative reasons)

b) Being a member of the association (section 2.1)

2.2.3- Election

The first President will be the founder. President may be changed by a vote. Vote starts if a member of the association suggest a President change with a minimum period of a month between each vote (even if President change results failed). Candidates must fill 2.2.2 section requirements and new President will be the one with the most votes.

2.3 - Vicepresident

The Vicepresident of the association is the consultive rank of the President.

2.3.1- Functions

a) Coordinating the work of the association

b) Developing new initiatives

c) Making these rules be followed

d) Starting roleplays

e) Advisory to the president

2.3.2- Requirements

a) Being a member of the association (section 2.1)

2.3.3- Election

Vicepresident is directly chosen by the President

2.4 - Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff is the maximum responsible member for the execution of the initiatives and RPs ingame.

2.4.1- Functions

a) Coordinating RP groups

b) Starting roleplays

2.4.2- Requirements

a) Being a member of the association (section 2.1)

2.4.3- Election

Chief of Staff will be elected by RP groups representatives in a vote whenever a President vote takes place or when a vote is called by any member of the association. The new Chief of Staff would be the one with most votes in the end.

2.5 - Group Representatives

They include the whole HQ of the group. Only RP groups and gangs/squads/companies with a strong RP face will be admited to have a representative, this means:

a) Gangs/squads/companies with unclear roles won't be considered for a representative.

b) Groups with unclear roles won't be considered for a representative.

2.5.1- Functions

a) Offering their group activity to the association roleplays.

b) Coordinating their group with the others taking part in the association.

2.6 - Mapping, scripting & designing team

Mapping, scripting and designing team is meant to develop the initiatives of the RP association with the required resources.

2.6.1 - Election

All of them will be chosen by President or Vicepresident from suggestions of the members on personal criteria.

2.7 - Outstanding RPers

Those who aren't part of any of the previous sections but have proven to be outstanding RPers will also be considered members of the assocition and receive the forums password.

2.7.1- Election

Outstanding RPers are chosen by member's suggestion and more than 50% of the votes being positivie for the acceptance of the member.

3 - Decision making

Whenever nothing is stated about how to choose between approval or denial simple majority will be applied.


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