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Twin Peaks [Massive Role Play Suggestion]


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Hello fellas, it's great to see you after so long.

I have an idea for a massive and long role play, it will be spread around long period of time, perhaps a few weeks. It will be organized on episodes, so people will be able to keep up with it and make it consistent.

It revolves around 90's TV Series called Twin Peaks, by David Lynch.
It's a mystery, drama and horror type of story and it tells about a local town girl Laura Palmer, who is found dead on the river shore next to Twin Peaks's Sawmill, property of family Martell. A few days later, a FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper arrives in the small town to investigate the case with the help of town's local Sheriff - Harry.S.Truman and his deputies. Later, Cooper discovers that this murder is connected to two other attacks prior to Laura's murder by finding a piece of paper with a letter that has been hidden under one of the victim's nails. Once he discovers the piece of paper, he contacts his FBI colleague Albert Rosenfield who is forensics specialist to come and investigate the body to see what he could find. Things won't go so smoothly, as Laura's family won't wait any longer than it's absolutely necessary, they want to bury their only daughter, so she can rest in peace. This results in several fights between Agent Rosenfield and the local Sheriff and local Doctor (Who is close to the victim's family as he is the one who 18 years ago delivered Laura's), who support the family's demands to give them back their daughter's body for the burial. From then on, the case gets twisted with the involvement of a local Military Major - Garland Briggs, who later reveals to have been working on project Blue Book (Which investigates UFO as threat to national security). The Major reveals to Dale Cooper about his discoveries later in the story, that the military found two other dimensional places and a map that led to them. Those places were well known by local Indian Tribes as stories about heaven and hell. Those places were called "The Black Lodge" and "The White Lodge". As the story progresses, the main characters reveal more and more details about the evils of The Black Lodge and then they encounter an old mysterious lady who they call "The Log Lady", who always carries a log around with her, that speaks to her and gives our team clues to how to discover and shut close that place of evil (Which they believe to be the source of all evil on earth) - The Black Lodge.

We reveal our story's main antagonist when the Log Lady gives us a clue to search for a man called Mike, who is an one armed shoe salesman. Once we find Mike, we discover that he has a dual personality disorder that he treats with strong drugs and as we need to speak to the other side of him, we force him to get off the drugs, so the other side can make an appearance where we reveal that our main antagonist is called Bob, who is a demon that possesses people and makes them rape and kill young women. This is how he feeds upon the people he possesses, until he sucks their souls dry, then leaves them as nothing but an empty shell of a human with the memories of all of the terrible things they have done under Bob's control. During the time of our investigation, however, we notice that strange behavior from Laura's Father - Leland Palmer that we overlook at first as shock of the death of his daughter, but as the story progresses, Leland displays almost suspicious behavior. At some point his hair becomes white overnight, which we later use as indicator that Bob (Who also have long gray/white hair) has possessed Leland. At the end, we manage to connect clues together and we trick Leland in the local Sheriff Department and lock him inside one of the cells where once locked, Bob reveals himself and speaks to us about the things he's done to Laura and the other girls he killed. Then Bob smashes Leland's head in the cell door, releasing the body of Laura's father from his possession. In the following moments, as he dies, Leland remembers what he did to his own daughter, crying with his own blood running down his face, he begs god for forgiveness. As he dies, he sees the heaven's light and hears his daughter's voice calling him and in his last breath he calls her name... "Laura?". A few days later he gets buried, but now Bob escapes and our story is focused on discovering the place that's source of all evil - The Black Lodge. Around the end of our Role Play, we discover this place, Agent Cooper enters, but his soul is now stuck inside this dimension and his body is now possessed by an evil doppelganger.

This is where the story ends and for the next 25 years, things go quiet.
If the role play gets enough interest and things go well, we can make a follow up on the story after those 25 years.
The story's plot is all over the place, I'm sorry about that, but that's the main plot pretty much, that this role play would revolve around. There are other sub-stories related to this plot, if people are interested I can list them and see which subplots would make it into the actual role play. I believe that some of you have probably seen the series before, that would be amazing and pretty helpful to keep things straight forward.

There will be room for more than 15 "cast" roles of people who would like to participate, of course everyone would be given a certain role, if they are interested to participate.

For the role play itself, I will need the assistance of squads, groups, gangs and mostly SAES members.
To build the whole scenario, I will need a temporary map added to the game, which will essentially be the small town of Twin Peaks and it's surroundings (Mostly forests, caves), the dimensions of "The White Lodge" and "The Black Lodge". I will map all of those for the purpose of this role play, I will only require minor assistance with a few things to set the tone of the place, which I will specify if the project goes forward. I will also make sure to get proper plot to follow for each episode of this role play, so people could read it and be aware of what's to come.

You can find extra information about the plot of the series and information on the overall story and details here

So, my question goes to all of you, if you would like to see this Role Play take place on SAES? And most importantly, would SAES be looking forward to assist me in this initiative? I will make a poll, where everyone could vote, I'm also excited to hear your comments. Any suggestions or corrections are very much welcome, so come out and shine!

Thank you and once again, I'm sorry for the messy plot and story, it's all over the place.

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Pengo, sadly, this just won't happen. I, for one, miss the old role plays - back during the prime of role playing on SAES. That was the reason we all played.

Game isn't the same anymore - people have changed, and the role play aspect is pretty much thrown out of the window; especially in the scale that you and I remember it from back in 2011-2014.

I wish I could see this happen - but I just don't foresee the excitement and motivation from so many other players.

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The old days when Roleplays are everywhere on the map are gone, back to 2012 used to get stopped by SAI on highways after 200meters I find SAFD roleplay on the other side Cops RP binds and people talking on the side of the road. Now it's just deathmatch Bankrobs, Store robs and wars. DE has the right to involve in stuff only when CLO is there and a lot of stupid things happening which is making the server a bit far of Roleplays.
I've made this introduction because I do miss those old days and I'm pretty sure that all the old players of the 2011-2014 era know well what I mean. I do support your idea and I'm in. I'd also want to see some simulations and inspirations from other stuff like you mentioned. I do also suggest that Groups should coordinate more and arrange stuff together. There are plenty of ideas and roleplays to do were at least three groups could arrange a roleplay together.

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