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Misho's Application for Los Escondidos


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Part 1 Main Information
1-0. Real name: Misho
1-1. Ingame name: Santa_Corleone
1-2. Age: 18
1-3. Nationality: georgian

Part 2 SAES Information
2-1. Have you ever been banned or warned?: never
2-2. If yes then why?(PM any HQ if private):
2-3. How long have you been playing SAES?: not long
2-4. Any group membership?: no i am new player of SAES but i playing mta 1 year and played many servers rpg or rp
2-5. Have you ever been in any other clans?: no

Part 3 Personal Ingame Information
3-1. Why did you apply for Los Escondidos?: i dont know i just want to join this gang, just accepted me and see what i can do ;)
3-2. Do you know any Los Escondidos member?: not yet
3-3 Did any Los Escondidos Member recommend you to apply? if yes Who?: No

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