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Impersonation (of inactive users) in the server


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Hello lads,

View this as an heads up from myself as a player and not the admin that I am. The groups I am a part of have been the subject of impersonation on one of our old members. The person impersonated was someone I was pretty close of, mostly how I managed to uncover the thing.

To keep it short, the person in question has decided to attempt getting access to CLO private discord channel along Tuga Thugs one claiming to be rubisel who has been away for a bit. He came up claiming that he lost all his passwords from: old forum, new forum, and his discord account.

Considering I knew rubisel somewhat a little bit, I have asked the person in question several informations over the real "rubisel"; the user couldn't provide any informations coinciding with what rubisel shared to people he knew in this server. Funny enough, the user hadn't covered his trace on the old forum when setting up his scam. The visits of rubisel & Hidden profiles were still fresh & viewable. Later, even provided me his IRL whatsapp number whose country coincided with the person I was suspecting. I sincerly hope the person who is behind that comes up with a proper apologize in a private message to myself and the persons who were mislead by this. I could have name & shame the user question, but that would go against the essence of my intention when writing this topic, which is right below this paragraph.

Take this as a warning from myself. Apparently I have heard it wasn't the first time it happens to people around here, hereby this topic is here to drag your attention on this issue. Do NOT blindly trust users via discord because they claim to be someone. Always double-check what they advance. One of the best ways to make sure you are adressing the right person is to check up in-game and eventually dig if you know that person a bit more.

At the end of the day, it remains the internet and pretty much a game but I felt like I had to write this. The intention in this particular situation is accessing clo private discussion (where Rennie is spamming shits pretty much) which isn't such a big deal at the end of the day. However, if you replace this with in-game credentials or currency; or actual "real life" private informations and you can have a dangerous cocktail for the victim of these impersonations. It might sound retarded & simple to some of you, but this might help out an un-aware user or a younger community member.

Have a good day!

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@Groove I have that feeling to, happens to be that i logged in and someone was using a name of a very very close friend of mine Hugo.Chavez the thing is the guy was speaking turk and i knew it was not my comandante supremo Chavez! as Maduro would notice

^[alt text]

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I am the one behind these actions and would like to apologise.

Reading this topic made me realise that what I was doing went further than a simple joke. There are no execuses which can justify my actions and I admit it was wrong to do this.

There were absolutely no specific reasons behind this than a stupid simple bet. I did not re think it when doing and did not view it from your perspective. My apologies, hope I can be forgiven.

This might look like I am only comming clean because of this topic, but if you waited a second longer before blocking me on the app, you would've received this way earlier.

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Happened the same with AA discord, the little fucktard Combine came and impersonated Forehead, we all believed because we all missed Forehead a lot, but kurwa Nicus doublechecked and I asked Forehead himself via Facebook, that's how we turned it around. He had access to private chats for a bit.

And I don't mind mentioning him, I couldn't give a fuck about this fuck.

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Hello, It's been a while since I visited this forum but I heard that someone was claiming to be me recently so I came to say throw few words and say hi to whoever miss me or not!

It's a shame really that something like this happens, I have never though I would see such thing and specially with me because I don't see myself that famous on this server or anything but anyway whoever did that, god forgive you and really try to be yourself and you will succeed with time on which ever you want! Don't climb on someone else back, It's pretty bad to do!

Glad to see you all and whoever did it, don't worry I am not mad at you, just be yourself man! ADIOS people!

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