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Federal Bureau of Investigation - FBI - Level 5 Application


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U.S. Department of Justice

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Office of the Executive

San Andreas, 700-002
Last Updated: 06/08/2019

The FBI is one of the most lethal and efficient fighting forces in the United States of America.
Now in 2019, following the government demands to send the FBI headquarters to Liberty City, a contingent of specialist FBI agents have been sent to San Andreas to act in the state to eradicate and eliminate all criminal and hostile elements.

The new SA branch of the FBI operates according to its own divisional rules. One is expected to be professional, experienced, and above all, able to react in a controlled manner during hostile situations.
^[~[This branch is an elite force; fighting fire with fire.]~(maroon)]

^[Established: 3rd of May, 2011.]

^[''Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity'']

^[Base location: Los Santos, Rodeo]

^[Squad Balance: 300.000.000,- Approximately]

^[Membercount: 96]

^[Recruitment Status: ~[Open]~(lime)]

^[Level: 4^]

FBI Promotional Video
FBI Discord
Main FBI Topic
Old Media Archive
Media Archive
Intelligence Information [Topic for some of our classified activities that GMs are authorised to view]

FBI Videos Bookmarks:








The Federal Bureau of Investigation is the leading law enforcement agency in San Andreas, it holds primary role of law end for as long as the FBI stands.

The headquarters enforcement law and order. This ensures rapid and surgical strikes when required. The FBI headquarters will be open to the public at all times, allowing amnesty services and the accepting of information/ fugitives.

Duties will fall into these broad categories: counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence, investigating corruption, investigating organised crime, investigating white-collar crimes, investigating homicide and major counts of theft/ property damage.


~[I) Discipline]~(maroon)

  • All Federal Agents must respect the chain of command. This is an expectation applied to every aspect of the organisation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. You are allowed to discuss or oppose decisions, but this is only allowed in private. Open dissent will not be tolerated.

  • Respect the rules.

  • All information in the FBI forums must be respected and kept private. You shall not discuss the information within these forums with non-FBI members.
    -=(red) Failure to follow orders from Executive members will not be tolerated. There is a zero-tolerance policy within the FBI. Failure to abide by this result will result in your expulsion from the FBI.=-

~[II) Representation]~(maroon)

  • Partaking in criminal activities are forbidden. You shall not associate yourself with criminal organisations are the FBI represents the purest strain of the law.

  • You are expected to be active and respond to calls from the Office of the Executive (HQ). If you are unable to attend when your participation is required, you must report it to an Executive member. We can make accommodations, but your dedication is still required.

  • -=(red) Failure to be active/ to represent the squad appropriately may result in a removal without any warning=-

~[III) Discretion]~(maroon)

  • Avoid flaming or spamming the main-chat, even if you have been provoked. You represent the FBI.

  • When partaking in a live FBI Operation remain discreet, you should not have your cover exposed by the target or members of the public. If the following does occur, retreat immediately.

FBI General Rules

  1. The Director and Vice Director can change the rules with the general consensus of the HQ.

  2. Follow the F1 rules in all circumstances, especially in regards to DM.

  3. You are prohibited from arresting those with a wanted level of less than 10 stars unless if they pose a threat or are actively partaking in an illegal activity such as a bank robbery.

  4. You are authorised to kill suspects when the life of you or the agents around you is at risk.

  5. Do not abuse the specialist FBI vehicles.

  6. Follow the commands of the FBI HQ.

  7. We are an Elite squad discipline is required when spawned.

  8. Avoid lethal force where possible during hostile situations.

  9. The FBI HQ can remove you at any time, if you have broken any rules.

  10. Avoid allowing unauthorised personnel within the FBI Headquarters.

  11. Respect the Codex.

  12. All agents are expected to wear their rank tags when spawned as FBI.

  13. The FBI SWAT skin can only be used during roleplays, jailbreaks, bank robberies and store robberies. It cannot be used for general use unless said FBI member is a part of the Special Operations Force (FBI Strike Force).

  14. All FBI agents wishing to leave the Bureau must report their departure on the forums or will face a potential blacklist.

Probation Rules

  • Wear probation tags at all times when spawned as FBI.

  • Put your tags on before you spawn.

  • Any rule breaks during probation will result in a kick.

  • Leaving the FBI during your probation will result in being blacklisted.

Useful Bindings

  • bind LocalChat #456473 [FBI-RP] (type /sur) = no arrest - STOP the car and come out with your hands up!

  • bind LocalChat #456473 [FBI-RP] (type /sur) = no arrest - Surrender now and we can negotiate!

  • bind LocalChat #456473 [FBI-RP] (type /sur) = no arrest - PUT YOUR HANDS UP NOW!

  • bind LocalChat #456473 [FBI-RP] THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING!



  • An applicant should be an experienced and well-rounded individual.

  • In most circumstances, we value FBI applicants with a history of law enforcement, such as a ProCop diploma.

  • An applicant must have a strong understanding of the English language.

  • An applicant must play an active role within the law enforcement community.

  • An applicant must be a reputable citizen with no previous history of misconduct.

  • ~[ An applicant must be a ProCop (PC) or a SAPA member training to become a PC (exceptions may be made for veteran TSG members).]~(red)



The FBI Training Team is a subset of FBI members within the Bureau charged with maintaining the skills the Bureaus field agents.

The FBI Training Team is responsible mainly in training agents in training and probationary agents. These fundamental skills involve firearms, vehicle usage and the apprehension of suspects. Failure to demonstrate these skills may result in the dismissal of an agent.


The FBI Scouting Team is responsible for discovering new talent. Individuals often discovered by the Scouting Skill display a good understanding of skills but will generally require further training and experience in order to help them grow.

Once these individuals have been found, they will be referred to the FBI Management Team and will be evaluated for training. If successful, these individuals will becoming agents in training within the Bureau, undertaking an internal training programme.


The FBI Special Operations Force (Strike Force) is a 10-man team within the Bureau which comprises of some of the most skilled and veteran field agents the FBI has to offer. Being a part FBI Strike Force gives members a unique rank outside the general sphere of the usual FBI administration and instant level 3 access in order to utilise all FBI resources.

Operators within the Strike Force are to set an example and to help lead FBI agents during tactical situations. Members are hand picked by the FBI director.



^[Director [L] L (Level 5) Quantity x1]
^[~[A]~(lime) Pothead (impactomar)]

^[Deputy Director <VL> - VL (Level 4) Quantity x1]
^[~[A]~(lime) Ramos (Kostanjevec12345)]
^[Assistant Deputy Director <SL>- SL (Level 4)- Quantity x1]
^[~[A]~(lime) Qweezy (Qweezy331)]
^[Chief of Staff <CoS> - (Level 4) Quantity x1]
^[~[A]~(lime) IG8820 (ig8820) ]
^[The Executive <HQ> - HQ (Level 4) Quantity x4]
^[~[A]~(lime) Kain (potato11)]
^[~[A]~(lime) Breezy (breezy331)]
^[~[A]~(lime) DanielRey (danielrey)]
^[~[A]~(lime) Buddler (buddler)]

^[Special Agent-in-Charge - (Level 3) Quantity x4]
^[~[A]~(lime) Zeking (zeking)]
^[~[A]~(lime) Nori (nori999)]
^[~[A]~(lime) Codex (ptgboss)]
^[~[IA]~(red) Copkilla (mongol168)]

^[Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge (Level 3) Quantity x4]
^[~[A]~(lime) Nvidia (Smoke99)]
^[~[A]~(lime) Daryl (heyheuhei)]
^[~[IA]~(red) Absinthe (trucker1998)]
^[~[IA]~(red) Cpt.Price (fantom97)]

^[Supervisory Special Agent (Level 2) Quantity x5]
^[~[A]~(lime) Makefoo (makefoo)]
^[~[A]~(lime) MrTheBank (mrthebank)]
^[~[A]~(lime) Richard (richardthekiller)]
^[~[A]~(lime) Matthews (seattle31)]]
^[~[IA]~(red) Blackbird (totsi)]

^[Senior Special Agent - (Level 2) Quantity x3]
^[~[A]~(lime) Haveer (haveer890)]
^[~[A]~(lime) Bones (baaryb)]
^[~[A]~(lime) Herrjorrs (herrjorrs)]]

^[Special Agent - (Level 1) Quantity x5]
^[~[A]~(lime) Darack (gullbooy)]
^[~[A]~(lime) zizou (XXlazarXX)]
^[~[A]~(lime) Wickness (Wickness)]
^[~[A]~(lime) Jojo (jojofromjory)]
^[~[A]~(lime) Moley (datoletha)]

^[Agent - (Level 1) Quantity x8]
^[~[A]~(lime) Izngud (iznogudll)]
^[~[A]~(lime) Chicken (demonfrankin)]
^[~[A]~(lime) Holand (vitor7878)]
^[~[A]~(lime) Phinixofhel (Phinixofhel)]
^[~[A]~(lime) TheStyle (thestyle)]]
^[~[IA]~(red) Floopy (floppy52)]
^[~[IA]~(red) Aurora (jamesmpf)]
^[~[IA]~(red) Naser (nasermagas)]

^[Probationary Agent [FBI*]- (Level 0) Quantity x5]
^[~[A]~(lime) AMR (jokesta)]
^[~[IA]~(red) Raptor (ahmedd)]
^[~[A]~(lime) Robin (treezy)]
^[~[A]~(lime) Kiddo (Gold)]
^[~[A]~(lime) Turbo (turbo12345)]


^[**Active members=36 members (including elders).]

^[HQ team= 9 members.]
(A)**]~(lime)= Active. ~[IA]~(red)= Inactive]

An Elder is a retired or inactive members of the FBI HQ team who didnt leave the squad. Elders are representing the previous generations of the FBI HQ team. The Elders has a council of their own. The elders are representative by an elder which is chosen by them without any interference of the Director or the FBI top brass. The chosen representative of the council of elders is given the Chief of Staff rank which is one of the top brass and part of the FBIs Office of Professional Responsibility. Also an elder should be reinstated as a member of FBI HQs team and executive once he proven that he is active enough to be part of the squads HQ team.

An honorary is a previous member of the FBI HQ team who made great efforts for the improvement of the squad during his membership. He is given authorization for FBI main forums (some exceptions may happen) as well as the full rights to participate in discussing FBIs internal matter as a full member of the Bureau. Honorary members are welcome to the squad anytime, not as normal members but as members of the FBI HQ team immediately.

These are individuals who donated money to FBI bank and helping to improve the financial status of the squad which results in better funding for activities and projects of the squad, therefor we would like to thank every donator so much.

^[Elders <E> - (Level 3) - Quantity N/A]
^[Eren (eren97)]
^[FBI Striker (jan_krnita)]
^[Radeon ([hx]radeon)]
^[Rabbit (jochem6)]
^[Rares (rares)]
^[LittleBond (yatzy)]
^[DanielRey (danielrey)]
^[Mike (mikebusk)]
^[Sohappy (catarpg)]
^[JohnTurner (johnturner)]

^[Honorary <H> Quantity N/A]
^[@Tut-Greco (external member)]
^[@Bunny (external member)]
^[@Patrol (external member)]
^[@bas260 (external member)]

^[Donators - Quantity N/A]
^[@Riley ($10,000,000)]
^[@Niceez ($9,000,000)]
^[@Resistant ($5,000,000)]

The following information is based upon recent log ins. FBI members who are inactive may be demoted and marked as inactive on the roster (de-ranked to level 1)
The Office of the Executive ~ 2019

Last Updated: 12/08/2019


Account Name:
Primary Language:
Other Languages you speak:


How long have you been playing MTA:
How long have you been playing SAES: RPG:
Do you have a ProCop diploma? If no, please specify why:
Previous G/S/C memberships and why you left:
Why do you wish to join the FBI:
Why should we accept you:
Previous bans or admin jails:


Are you a former FBI member:
If you answered question 1 with yes, please state when you left the Bureau:
If you answered question 1 with yes, please state why did left the Bureau:
If you answered question 1 with yes, please state your former rank:
If you answered question 1 with yes, please provide evidence of your stated rank (screenshots, etc):
Are you a SAPA or PC member:


What is roleplaying:
What is deathmatching:
State three server rules (F1):
Are you allowed to deathmatch:


What are your English skills out of 1 to 10: /10
What are your driving skills out of 1 to 10: /10
What are your shooting skills out of 1 to 10: /10
What are your role-play skills out of 1 to 10: /10
What are your strengths:
What are your weaknesses:


Scenario One:
You are the agent-in-charge of a patrol unit which includes you and two other agents. You are informed of an ongoing store robbery and there are no other units available for back up. How would you successfully resolve the store robbery.

Scenario Two:
You are the leader of an assault on a suspected criminal base being used for drug distribution. You are in charge of an assault team (armed with M4s and combat shotguns), a backup team (armed with M4s and combat shotguns) and a recon team (armed with sniper rifles).

The fence around the base is protected by four armed criminals. Inside the base, there are a further three armed criminals. How would you secure the base?

Scenario Three:
An armed FBI Unit is called to a hostage situation to a building nearby to the Los Santos Police Department. Two criminals had attempted to rob a fast food restaurant but police had arrived during the robbery.
As a result, they have taken an old woman hostage and are barricaded inside. The two-armed criminals are young and very nervous.
You have access to the same squads as in scenario two. How would you diffuse/ deal with the situation?

Federal Bureau of Investigation

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