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Greetings SAES!

We have recently come up with an idea to make a Sub-Community for SAES that is totally based off of Racing, Drifting and cars in general.

We present to you, the TeriyakiBoyZ!

Originating from East Asia, Japan. The country where drift races are more than just races, and shown as a sign of dominance and skill that is rewarded with pure profit.
The love for cars taken to the next level. Markus and Piercee have both seen their share of drifts and decided to take it more globally at this point, trying to revive the prevous active drifting scene of San Andreas, hoping to make older and newer people both interested to revive the heart and soul of car related fun.


It is not a gang nor a group, it's just a little community where we could discuss drifting, speed, cars and so on. We will plan car meets, road trips, car shows which are presented by us and the prize is from us too. This is nothing serious, we just want to have some fun together.

The main place where we get stuff started is our discord so joining that would be the smartest move!: https://discord.gg/a4qcbDT

To become one of us, a TeriyakiBoy means access to start your own events around San Andreas and exclusive payouts for your vehicles. Showing interest in-game is the only way.

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