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Paramedic Guide.


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^[alt text]

~[What is the role of a paramedic:]~(lime,green,lime,green)

The role of the paramedic is simple: you heal people who are injured and revive people who have died.

When you are playing as a paramedic, try not to get wanted as it will make your life easier.
In some cases you will get wanted unintentionally:

  • Someone jumps in front of your ambulance and you drive into them

  • Someone jumps off a roof and lands on your ambulance
    ~[If the fall was high enough to take falling damage it will be registered as you damaging this player.]~(sienna)

  • A random explosion hits/kills someone and you get wanted for it.

  • Sometimes when you try to heal someone with your MED-KIT you will get wanted.

When you are wanted ask for a police officer/DE Member to give you a bribe as soon as you can this will make sure you don't get shot by cops who want to arrest you. This way you can continue your work as a paramedic without any trouble.

Medics can use the radio to stay in contact with other emergency services, you can use the radio by using /r and typing your text.

alt text

~[How to heal a player:]~(lime,green,lime)

  • The player enters your ambulance and they get a full heal (SAM members can use mavericks as well)

  • You hit the player with your Med-Kit. This will heal the player 20 HP per hit.
    ~[When you are wanted (3 Stars) you won't be able to revive anyone or heal them with your Med-Kit.]~(sienna)

If a player is fully healed you will get a notice in the infobar saying 'This person does not need healing

alt text

Whenever you are low on hp and require a heal you can always go to the back of your ambulance, press Alt Gr and click on the trunk this will give you 2 options:

  • Doors

  • Search Trunk
    Use the "Search Trunk" option, now you have the option to click "Patch Yourself Up"
    ~[Clicking this will fully heal you.]~(sienna)

alt text
alt text

alt text

~[How to revive a player:]~(lime,green,lime)

When a player dies you will be able to revive them. This is not always the case, players who can be revived will show up on the EMT pager on the right of the screen. This will show you the distance between you and the dead player. You will also see a yellowish icon pop up on your minimap

alt text

alt text

Reviving a player is simple, you go to the body and press C to start CPR.
~[You will get a notice in the top infobar when you're on the body.]~(sienna)

alt text

When you have revived someone you will get the following notice in the infobar:

alt text

Most of the people are respawning before you get the chance to revive them, if you started reviving a player and he respawns while you're in the process of reviving him you will get a notice in the infobar saying this player is alive.

alt text

Players who died to explosions or by cars driving into them might be harder to find to revive as you have to find the place where they died and not the place where their body is to revive them.
~[Easiest way to locate their body is using the yellow icon on the minimap.]~(sienna)

Some notes regarding revives:

  • Reviving someone does not give them full hp so you will have to heal the player after reviving him/her.

  • Don't revive someone when people are camping the body, It's not fun for the player to get killed immediately again.

  • If a criminal avoided by killing himself feel free to revive him so cops can arrest him.

alt text

~[Patrolling with an ambulance:]~(lime,green,lime,green)

Try to drive on the right side of the road at all times.
If you see a player who can use some healing it's best to pull over ( don't stop in the middle of the road) and let the player get into your ambulance
Don't ram people off the road to make them stop and get a heal, it's up to them to decide if they want a heal or not, if they do want one they will stop by themselves, no reason to ram them or block them.
If a criminal is getting chased by the police and gets into your ambulance, just stay where you are and use the eject option (/eject all or /eject <playername>)to get him out of your ambulance. Helping criminals escape is not allowed.
~[You are an ambulance not an escape vehicle]~(sienna)

alt text

~[How to deal with DM'ers:]~(lime,green,lime)

If someone shoots your ambulance ask them to stop kindly. If they don't stop drive away and let them be.
~[If the DMing continues make a screenshot by pressing F12 and make a report about the player by typing /report and filling in the report format]~(sienna)

alt text

~[Jail and jail breaks:]~(lime,green,lime)

Paramedics are NOT supposed to jailbreak people, leave that to the criminals.
Stay outside and let the people come to you for a heal or just wait in the main area to assist players who need your help.

alt text

~[Store Robberies (SR's):]~(lime,green,lime)

You will get notified in the top infobar whenever a store robbery starts

alt text

You will also see the red dragon icon on your map (F11) and minimap to guide you to it's location

alt text

If your ambulance gets destroyed while you're next to a SR don't complain about it unless it's done on purpose.
~[Bullets will fly around in all directions during a SR so it's very possible your ambulance will get destroyed at some point.]~(sienna)

Don't park your ambulance inside the SR marker, stay at a safe distance and let the people who need heals come to you. if they don't come then let them be. If you see someone getting DM'd at a SR feel free to go on the roof and give him a revive.

Don't use your ambulance to give criminals an extra way of getting on the roof of the SR, there's a thing at the front for them to get on it.

alt text


Medics in turfs are allowed, try to move arround and heal both groups, dont use your ambulance as an extra cover for people or as an easy way to get on any roofs.

~[You're not allowed to spawn as medic and heal people in turfs when your gang is involved in the current turf war. Even if your gang is only helping with an allied gang or if you aren't officially in the gang and just a gang helper]~(red)

alt text

~[Bank Robberies (BR's):]~(lime,green,lime)

Either wait outside of the bank and let people come out for a heal or go into the bank and wait in one of the cleared rooms for people to come towards you. Don't block people and don't run up to the safes to only help out the criminals, you're a paramedic so your main focus is still healing police side.

alt text

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