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Nickname: Stay
Account name: stayalive
Age: 21 years of age
Country of residence: Venezuela
Time spent in Cuban Cars(~): 3 years or almost reaching the 4 years.
Current role (Mechanic, Impounder, Mentor): I am an Impounder
Roleplay Name (If used, else leave blank):
Current Journy in Cuban Cars (min. 100 words): I remember i got recruited by Le senior Jasper, i was Mecanico for some months i think it was six months, later on i successfully passed the Impounder interview and since that i've been Impounder, normally i go to SR's and spawn as CC when you're all most likely sleeping due my time zone which happens to be from 00:00 to even 05:00 am time zone .

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Cuban Cars Impounding Division:

As today i was working when i got called out that Las Venturas and It's arounds were pretty much fullfit of vehicles wrongly parked therefore I proceeded to the clean the streets.

Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/BleDpLm

alt text

Total Vehicles impounded : 3

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Cuban Cars Impounding Division:

Roughly The job of today was, many criminals attempted to get their vehicles back, as they've left then wrongly placed. today's journey wasn't smooth at all but I've managed to get it through.

Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/FZ5Omei

^[alt text]

Vehicles Impounded : 3

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