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Nickname: Lightning
Account name: lightning12
Age: 18
Country of residence: Israel
Time spent in Cuban Cars(~): Since May, 2019
Current role (Mechanic, Impounder, Mentor): I'm currently Mechanic.
Roleplay Name (If used, else leave blank): My name is Juan Emilio
Current Journey in Cuban Cars (min. 100 words): Well before joining Cuban Cars I really loved the idea of the group so I thought yeah why would that be hard because I have the knowledge of being Mechanic and other stuff since I have dealt with this stuff In real life and I've been playing Roleplay in the past, so I begun with patrolling a lot with the other Employees and doing roleplays and after about One Months I joined Cuban Cars, I kept on doing Events and Patrols and I have met a lot of new people in Cuban Cars, after being 3 months in Cuban Cars I have started doing my journey on being Impounder and I wish it will be succesfully.

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alt text
alt text

Participants: SAFP|Carl
Date: 02/09/2019
Roleplay Situation: It was late Monday evening, me and more Mechanico boys opened a repair shop by the Highway so people come get there and get their vehicle repaired, after waiting few minutes my first customer arrived, and the first thing I saw in his car is that his windshield was cracked, I started speaking with the man and understood what he wanted from me, all he wanted is to fix the windshield, after that we negotiated on the price and found the right price for it and I begun working on it, at first I took some materials and begun on removing the old cracked windshield, I took a knife and begun cutting down the safety rubber that was powerfully glued.
After cutting it down the windshield was lose off and I could remove it so I took the moveable table and placed the windshield on it and put it on the recycling section.
I moved to the garage where we store all the stuff to change and I took a brand new windshield that would fit in the car exterior and began unwrapping it, after that I took some clay/glue and begun on putting it around the vehicle exterior and after that a layer of rubber so the windshield won't crack from time to time after placing the layer of the rubber I placed another layer of glue and finished the gluing process.
I unwrapped the windshield and got some gloves on my hands and carefully with a help of another Mechanico we placed the windshield safely, and the car was almost ready, we had to wait until everything will be solid.
after few hours the customer returned and I showed him that the car was ready, he was overwhelmed because of the work and he paid, and also give me a little tip, after that we said goodbye and he drove off.

Screenshots:Click Me

alt text

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