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Vote unban Liyones (read first)


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Dear SAES players and admins ,

Hello , i got banned forever , so i was thinking to not break rules again , and i will create new carrier and page with SAES , i was playing SAES all times and i was active , well i want back to play SAES without any problem and without breaking rules , i got many friends in the server , and i liked the server because the admins/players is good friends in the server , so i was thinking to give me finally chance without Breaking Rules or problems
, so can i back to SAES with my respect and love to SAES players and admins , please
thanks for read ,
with my respect and love

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You had so many chances already. You had a chance in SAPA which you didn't take. Tut gave you one, and you only caused trouble in SAPA.

You should fix your attitude over a longterm, and understand that you're talking with other people who would like to enjoy this game as well.

I wish you all the best overall.


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