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Back in 1998, five teens named Taylor, Dippo,Vinny, Valentino and Julio decided to commit an armed robbery at the Las Venturas bank. They executed well planned and coordinated setups for the Heist.

One of these setups included preparation of getaway vehicles, which were Sanchez's.
Eventually all the setups were done and it was time to rob the bank. Once they robbed the bank they used the Sanchez's and they got away easier than they thought. The Sanchez's became an obsession and eventually one of them came with the idea to create a legal business out of it named "Motorcycle race club". They were determined to proceed and execute this idea and they knew they would have to stop with the heists.
After the subject was brought on the table, they came to an agreement of proceeding this business. They bought a large property in Las Venturas, which would do for their storage of their motorcycles. This purchase was possible due the money they gathered from the heists.


2 years later, the motorcycle organization developed tremendously. However, they realized that they were giving too much money out on minor things. So besides the legal part of the business we were also active with "illegal races" where we gathered most of our yield with. However, not every employee was trustworthy enough to be involved in our illegal businesses and besides only four of us had the skills to actually win races. So Taylor had the idea to hire some hogs, to help with the business of this particular field.

So the owners of the motorcycle organization contacted some unemployed hogs, who were experienced with illegal races. The fantastic 4 scouted one of the best hogs and taught them everything.


Meanwhile 7 years passed by and eventually some of our employees leaked information regarding to the contracts to law enforcements who took action. They immediately raided the base of the motorcycle organization, but only Taylor was there at the moment. The police units didn't had a clue where the other 3 who were in charge could have been and Taylor wasn't coorperating with them either, he remained silent.

However, we knew there was too much evidence against us. We hired one of the best lawyers for Bizzle but the judge denied the statements we made and Bizzle had been prosecuted for eight years without chance of parole.

The group was gobsmacked and couldn't believe they lost a member of such caliber. However, it did not discourage them and continued with illegal racing. But this time they did everything carefully, they moved their base and found a proper hideout for equippments that were involved in illegal business.


Taylor was released from jail and returned to new establishment to continue where they started with. Taylor was amazed of how the group was developed whilst he was in jail, it was blinding!

Today they are still involved with illegal racing and gathering huge amounts of money due winning races. And continuously making contracts and training racers with potential.
The ''Dirt Club ''
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'Our role is mainly dedicated to racing with signature vehicles category ''Off-road ''
To highlight several subjects which are related to our role in 3 categories:

As goal to have fun! We fullfil this habit by hosting as well as attending on races where Sanchez bikes are involved with. We have fun by simply stunting around, whether that'd be alone of with a group. We organize roadtrips, where other players of the community could attend on if they wish.

Illegal racing

Our role is especially dedicated to this subject. As said earlier in this thread, we host illegal races.

We setup well planned and coordinated routes in advance and sometimes involve corrupt officers into it by bribing them, so they've "seen nothing". In this field we gather most of our money, by bets, racing for eachothers bikes, etc.

Legal business

Our cloak. We import and export bikes and we have our own assemblers who develop our bikes as well. So we not only sell standard types but also custom bikes. Regarding to our import, we mostly buy broken bikes from which we remove the valuable parts and sent the leftovers to the scrapyard. We sell these parts to reliable business contacts or use them to develop our own bikes with.


As mentioned on a previous subject, we have vehicle assemblers who're especially specialized in bikes. Therefore we assemble or disassemble parts of vehicles(modification) on your request.

At night we offer transportation services corncening goods such as drugs, documents, weaponry, etc.
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Group Name : Dirt Club

Group Tag : Dirt>Nickname, Dirt*>for the probationary members

Group Color : #cc3300

Our Discord: Click Here

Our Base: To be added

Main Vehicle: Sanchez, Sandking, Mountain Bike

Date of creation (1st Generation): March 14th 2015
Date of Creation (This Generation): July 24th 2019

HQ Team: Taylor, @VinnyBL @Dippo @gothboi
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The Boss(Leader)
The Highest Rank in the Club,he's Responsible for taking care of the Club, things like dealing with troublemakers,and also handpicking thoses who are working side by side with him or so he joined the band to bullshit.
He has nothing to with the HQ team, which is responsible for the purchase of vehicles.

Hogs Professionals: (HQ Team)
This is the Highest Rank in the Club before "The Boss", the people who are in this position, are the most experienced in Club, responsible for Making Gambling and Racing with the Panel, and opponents.
They're also responsible for deciding who's joining the Club, they always look for Veterans Opinions before giving the final verdict.

Hogs Veteran
These are the best runners of the Club that are responsible for the Newbies and Experienced Supervision, has an important opinion on their hands to tell who deserve Join the Club.

Hogs Experienced
This rank contains the oldest bikers in the pack, they are responsible for Supervising the Novices, and giving assistance to the Hogs Veteran .

Hogs Newbies
These are the Newcomers to the Bando, if they think they can handle this kind of adrenaline, and dangerous activity, then we can give them a chance to join.

Dirt Club HQ Team

Boss: @VinnyBL
Vice Boss: @Taylor

HQ's: @Dippo @gothboi

Members Count :7

Active: 7

Inactive: 0

Member List

The Hog Boss:

@VinnyBL @Taylor

Hogs Professionals: (HQ Team)


Hogs Veterans:


Hogs Experienced:


Hogs newbies:


Vip Members:(These players helped the group in some way.)


image url
1- Follow all SAES Rules.

2- Whenever you're Doing a RP and/or Roadtrip, always use the Tags of the Group.

3- Always be respectfull with everyone in the server.

4- Make sure you don't have any wanted stars before start doing a RP and/or Roadtrip.

5- Always listen to the higher Ranks in the Group,failing to do so may lead you to a kick or demotion.

6- Never kill other players using the Group tag, if someone DM you, take screenshots (F12) and report this player to the Staffs/Admins using the "/report".

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Some Relics of The First Generation:
Click here

Current Recrutiment Status: ~[OPEN]~(lime)

Must be mature
Must be atleast 13 years old.
A Reasonable Level of English
Always follow the server rules
You have to be experienced, or have atleast some experience, in the server.
Answer the questions with complete responses, a couple of words will not help you to join

alt text
Application Format

-Section 1-

Your Nickname:
Your Username:
Which is ur time zone?
Which is your Gang/Squad/Company?
Are you Part of any Group on Saes? If yes,Which?
How often do you play every week?
Previous Bans?
English proficiency: 0-10:
Rate ur Skills RPing : 0-10:

-Section 2-

How long you play at SAES RPG:
Tell us about yourself (min. 50 Words):
Your strengths:
Your weaknesses:

If someone start making Deathmatch with you out, what will you do?

-Section 3-

Which is OUR Main Vehicle?
Explain in your own words what our role:
What unique qualities can you offer to Our Group?

Why you want to be part of our group?

Rate your skills towards bikes:

Do you have Friends in the Group?
Someone told you to apply to us?
Write a Story About Motorcycle Trails (Minimum 100 words)Optional, but it increases your chance to join the group


Post a photo of a trail vehicle for your application to be considered

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